Play the New Fruit Zen Slots Game, and Score a 5,000 Token Promo Code!

Play the NEW Fruit Zen Slots! Unwind with a calming melody and spin for Wild symbols in this mobile-friendly slots game. To start you off, here’s a 5,000 Token promo code: CHOPFRUIT. Redeem it by 1/12 on My GSN and tell us what you think of the game below!


Game Overview: 
Spin with oranges, lemons, grapes, and more in this fresh slots game! You can even play for free on your phone or tablet. (Android 4.1+ and iOS)
NOTE: This game requires an up-to-date Internet browser. It will not work on computers using Internet Explorer 7, 8, or 9.

How to Play:
Select your bet per line and spin.
Wild symbols will expand and fill the entire reel. They can replace any symbol and will give you a free spin, too!

Wild symbols give you an extra spin!
The Orange symbols reward the highest payout

29 thoughts on “Play the New Fruit Zen Slots Game, and Score a 5,000 Token Promo Code!

  1. could not get fruit zen to work for me got the 5000 tokens but went twice to the game and it did not work was i suppose to do something else

  2. Everybody has their preferred games and this one isn’t going to make my list. Too boring and tight with the payouts. I do appreciate the tokens to allow me to try it out though.

  3. Play a little…lose a lot…Lost my 5,000 free tokens in less than a minute… wasn’t fruity enough, huh… or was it that I didn’t know how to play. Boo, hiss, boo! I want to play and not lose my lemons.

  4. Tried the Fruit Zen. Too slow of a game and nothing exciting happened. I am playing on Windows 8.1 and IE 11. Yawn. Thanks for the tokens to try it out.

  5. Like your new game. It’s fun. It take a long time to win ,but the
    pay off is good. PS. keep thinking about a stock car game on BINGO;

  6. Like another player said this game is kinda fruity. I will add that it also has no meat or fun stuff to it. So I’ll just stick with this game is kinda fruity.

    • Played a few tonight, I cant hit anything on it. Will it always be that tight or will you loosen it up. I like the game, you gotta be able to win.

  7. I can get the game but every time I put code in it says invalid/? Can you tell me why? I guess I will just miss my 5000 tokens>> I haven’t heard from anyone and this is the last day.

    • Sorry, I’m catching up on posts from the weekend as quickly as I can. I don’t know why it would be invalid. Are you just typing “CHOPFRUIT” and nothing else in the promo code field? If you copied and pasted it, make sure you didn’t inadvertently grab the period at the end of the sentence too. If you’ve double checked and your only typing CHOPFRUIT (no spaces) and it’s still not working, please contact Player Services for assistance. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  8. Not a big fan of this one. Didn’t like that you had to access the menu to see your bet. Even with the “Fruit Zen” wild cards payouts were pretty low (altho to be fair, I didn’t play a lot of spins). The graphics are nice and it is good to see a slot that wins with three in a row even if they are not starting on the first roller. My guess is that others will like it more. Appreciated the free tokens along with a chance to try and provide feedback on a new game.

  9. Thanks for the tokens for the Fruit Zen game..I spent all of them on this game and don’t think it will be one of my favorites. Payout wasn’t very good and I hit the fruit zen wild reel several times with little or no return. But that’s ok, I was playing with “house” tokens! By the way, is there a secret to being able to view the entire paytable on all the “Credits” games? On the View Paytable page I can only view a few lines of the table and there doesn’t appear to be a way to page down to get the rest. Any suggestions? Thanks, Angel

    • Thanks grannybivm, I’ve passed your feedback along with everyone else’s. To see the paytable (this works for any of the slot games like these), left click on the screen, and holding the left button down on your mouse, scroll the page up. Holding the left mouse button down ‘grabs” the screen with your cursor. If you’re on a tablet, just use your ginger to scroll the page up.

  10. I Did get my 5000 tokens and played but not very well. I didn’t really like it but will play again later. Thanks for the information. I am going to think positive and play again. Again , Thanks

  11. Great graphics, lovely music, disappointed with low payouts, I won’t be playing this one as much as I play American Buffalo. Thanks for the tokens

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