6 thoughts on “Play the Game Show Flashback Room In Bingo Bash Sponsored By Tylenol

  1. Just one more ‘new’ game that is way too expensive to play! You can never collect all of the collection items in this one either (like the other ‘new’ tournament games) as each Bingo win goes towards items you already have won. All the new games ‘Double-Up’, it’s like having to spent $10.00 for 2 minutes of game. Bingo Bash is ALL ABOUT THE MONEY….FOR THEM!!!

  2. Why does the GSN Bingo Bash only have 2 players in a game, when my sister is playing this exact time on her Facebook account and there are 22 players?? For two weeks I have been trying to complete all the items in my collection and all different times of day/night….1 or 2 players so no way to finish it! Only games with enough players are the expensive games! We even checked Egg Factory (Lucky Charms too), and same thing….2 or 3 players (means no games) yet Facebook’s Bingo Bash…..32 players! I emailed ‘Support’, and they replied with an answer that had NOTHING to do with the questions! Sad……

    • Hi Cindy, I’m not sure why except I know it’s a different platform on .com versus Facebook, so the same people aren’t playing. Did you email support back and let them know your question was not answered?

      • Not sure I’d agree with the assumption that it’s a different set of players. At least half of the players have pictures, which suggests they are being pulled from the respective facebook accounts, and names on others would suggest other platforms as well when they are quite different from login names on GSN or followed with something like ipad. And it’s anyone’s guess where the guest users come from.

        But I very much agree for a GSN owned game, we sure get the short end of the stick when it comes to promos and features, the FAQs are confusing and very incomplete since they may or may not apply to the GSN platform, and getting help to respond is like climbing numerous mountains looking for a wise guru and if one is found the answer back is either a riddle or a puff of smoke.

        • Perhaps I’m not explaining well. The same people can be playing on either site, but the people playing on Facebook are accessing the game through Facebook (and/or possibly mobile, I don’t know), and the ones playing on GSN.com are accessing the game through GSN.com. The two sites are not connected which is what I meant by different people playing.

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