Play Dynomite for a Chance at a Gift Card or Oodles

Get all your holiday shopping done (for free!) at Target. Enter to win a gift card – or even cash and Oodles!


3 ways to win this week with Dynomite™:

  • 1st place: $250 gift card or cash (your pick).
  • 1,000th place: $500 gift card or cash.
  • 1 sweepstakes winner: $250 gift card or cash. Earn 1 entry per game played – up to 3 times.

PLUS spots 2 – 999 on the leaderboard will take home a share of 500,000 Oodles!

Enter here now. Ends midnight ET Sunday.

6 thoughts on “Play Dynomite for a Chance at a Gift Card or Oodles

  1. Hi Angel, Welcome back. I was wondering if you could tell me if they post the winners of the Weekly Prize Spree. If so where? While you were out I asked PS and they told me they were posted under the Announcement Section on the home page. I looked in both the Cash games and GSN home pages and I don’t see anything. I even did a find from the tool bar and notta.

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