Pick Your Play Promo Code Apology

fb_470x264Thank you for your patience while the issues of games not being tracked was resolved.

The promotion has been reset, and Pick Your Play should be working correctly. As an apology, please accept this 300 oodles promo code: SORRYPYP

To redeem it, enter SORRYPYP in the “enter promo” field on My GSN. Expires 1/3. Happy New Year to all!


15 thoughts on “Pick Your Play Promo Code Apology

  1. My Dear Angel

    I wondered why the game tracker/counter wasn’t working, even after refreshing it a half a dozen times. Thanks for Bonus Oodles,now I don’t have to play another 75 games.

    Several of our GSNChatters FB Members posted comments about having the same issue as I. I’ve alerted them on FB and Twitter of the Promo Code and sure they appreciate it, as I do.

    You Rock MVDF, Hugs, Lots Of Luv & Happy New Year Sweetie

    • I see you got 300 Oodles: 12/31/2014 3:48 pm Pick your Play Promo Code 300. If you’re not certain how to check your Token or Oodle transactions, please take a look here.

      • That’s weird! It said 150 when I entered it! I even came back here to double check what you had posted, then went back to my promo page & it still showed 150. Now it does say 300. Very strange! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the heads up and the promo code………………

    Happy New Year…to you…….Thank You,Thank You,Thank You for all you do Angel !
    …and a Happy New Year to all the behind the scenes GSN workers that make this site so wonderful and visual appealing to play on! Your the best!
    When the Thanksgiving Bingo went past Thanksgiving…I took a longer moment to actually LOOK at all he beautiful fall scenery detail,detail,detail….. before starting to play……………..Kudos for and to ALL!

    • Thank you mindytbl, I’ll be sure ot pass your kind words along to everyone! They will be much appreciated. 🙂 Have a wonderful 2015!

  3. Thanks for those extra oodles from that promo code Angel!!! I didn’t play any games at first. However, I read the news and it’s taken care of this issue here. I can’t wait for year 2015 to be reached. I hope you stay up at night to watch the ball drop in Times Square!!! Happy New Year to you Angel and my chat friends!!!

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