10 thoughts on “Pick Your Play and Score 125 Oodles!

  1. Hi! Right now it’s ~ 0930 EST and yet the “Pick Your Play” that ends today (17 December) haven’t appeared into “My Promotions” to link to GSM’s Casino section (I usually play Classic 777 Slots when given this choice, since I can make it in just a few minutes (on auto-play) while doing something else.

    Please check what happened and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  2. Hi Angel,
    I just played this game today and won nothing. Plus, The daily cube game won’t let me finish it. Players service knows about the weekly cube game.

  3. Why is there nothing on My GSN for today to earn some extra oodles? Need all the oodles I can get.

    Thank you for all and your staff do every day to make GSN a great game site. Merry Christmas to all.

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