A Merry Congratulations to wakedaddy820, December’s MVO!

wakedaddy820 is December’s Most Valuable Oodler. He called himself the “Oodle Claus” which is really fitting for this festive month! He has some great Oodling tips as well as interesting stories. For the record, *I* was not the one who accidentally banned him, and had forgotten about that until I read it. 😀


Hello fellow Oodlers!  My name is Brad and you know me as wakedaddy820. Here’s a little about me: I have an associates degree in Computer Maintenance & Networking (CMNW) I earned at my local community college over the course of four years, starting in my Junior year of high school as a PSEO-B student (an elective option to take college courses as a high school student tuition-free).  Unfortunately, I’m still unemployed and looking for work (albeit not very actively).  However, I am a varsity-level High School baseball/softball umpire, so that keeps me busy during the spring (as well as providing some financial gain).  I’ve been engaged for about 5 1/2 years to the greatest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, although we haven’t set a date yet.

I’m a devout Catholic and I enjoy singing, which is why I’m a cantor for my church (and also sing with the Adult Choir).  My picture shows me in my “Sunday best” (aka choir dress).  I also sing with the Civic Chorale at the same community college I earned my degree (free to community members) and have been for about six years.  I enjoy listening to country music, watching TV & movies, bicycling, running, and anything that involves technology (obviously hehehe).  I’m also a self-proclaimed environmentalist, conservationist, and humanitarian.  Did you know there’s a fourth “R”?  Reduce, reuse, recycle . . . and refill!

I’m what I like to call a “serial sweepster,” meaning I enter sweepstakes everyday (about 50 daily) and only do so if it’s a free entry. I have a daily routine of sites I visit and GSN is a part of that routine, as I have a dedicated tab for the site in my browser (I regularly use Chrome).  As I’m not advertising for any other sites, I’ll stick to describing my GSN routine in hopes that it might help some of my fellow oodlers streamline their experience and, with feedback, perhaps streamline mine, as well.  Please excuse my lack of brevity, as I’m usually quite shy in person.  Due to my slight OCD (self-diagnosed lol), I will be very thorough and comprehensive. . . .

Living on the east coast, the GSN daily promotion clock starts at 12am for me, so the first thing I do is visit the home page as the day turns anew.  This allows for the daily login process to start fresh and let the “Daily Bonus” (currently “Thanksgiving Bonus”) load with no issues (I’ve found that the “My Promotion” tab contains (-ed?) formatting errors that prevent the daily bonus bar from showing correctly).  After getting my fill of watching videos/ads to increase my bonuses (for the next day’s bonus and/or the monkey chest), I visit the “My GSN” tab to check on any new promotions available for the day so I can set a goal of when to complete them, keeping in mind the (Thursday) Power Hours in an effort to “shoot two birds with one stone” if I can wait until 9pmEST (until further notice) to start any slots game promos.  I then switch to the “My To-Doodles” tab and get my fill of the oodles bonus chest videos/ads.  At this point, I answer the bonus trivia (BT) question(s) [weekdays: 1)all day & 2)until 8amEST and weekends: all day], and then complete the first two entries for Chachingo Bingo of the day.  I also view the “GSN.com Games” facebook page to see the post they make for the question and any other posts made during the previous day.  After that, I wait until after I awake to complete the rest of my daily routine (I’m a night owl, so I rarely go to sleep before 4amEST).  Until going to sleep, however, I use a top-of-the-hour alarm to remind me to complete more entries for the bingo game to take advantage of any possible group loot bonuses (available at quarter-to each hour until “five (5) minutes past each hour”).

Upon waking (and after completing yet more entries for the bingo), I begin my daily routine by answering the final BT (weekdays: until 4pmEST) and continue with playing “Straws” to receive an extra spin on the Wonder Wheel (WW).  I then complete two WW spins/games and leave the counter at 59 (with a spin completed) so that I have 60 spins saved (spins expire after 30 days via first in/first out) in case we ever have another double oodles promotion.  (I will provide some tips for each of the WW games after completing my daily routine explanation.)  While waiting for the spinner to stop, I then scroll through the “news banner” at the bottom right of the screen to check for any breaking news. 🙂  Now that I’ve earned roughly 150 oodles (depending on how successful my game plays were :-P), I visit the “Prizes” page and submit two entries into the “Daily $250 Sweepstakes” (75 oodles each).  On Mondays, I view the “Book of the Week” and use my local library site to save it in a “For Later” collection.  Out of curiosity, I also view the “DVD of the Week.”  Next is the “Daily Break,” after which I mark the info to compare with my “My Oodles Balance: Recent Transactions” after a couple days (remember: allow 48 hours for crediting).  I use an e-document to save my info for all things GSN.  Finally, I visit the “Player News” page for any new posts by our wonderful correspondents from GSN, GSNAngel & GSNScoop!  If it’s after 3pmEST, I submit the BT answer for the Secret Word (weekdays 4pmEST-midnight) found on the right-hand side of this page.  At this point, the only thing I have left (besides hourly Chachingo Bingo entries) is any promos left on the “My Promotions” tab (if I haven’t completed them yet), barring a lack of promos for the day.

Now, onto my tips for the Wonder Wheel games. . . .
# Basket Case >> keep in mind the colors of the baskets – (G-green, R-red, B-blue) …GRGBGRGBG… – notice the extra “G” in the sequence, in case a piece falls to one side of the screen and the same color basket is on the other side of the screen . . . at which time another basket will also be, invisibly, just off the current side of the screen. . . . (max 75 oodles)
# Horse Play >> use the W-A-S-D keys instead of the arrow buttons . . . one can press A&S at the same time to quickly go down and to the left and, alternately, S&D for down-right.  Be careful though, some of the horses like to “move” if these actions are performed too close to them.  Furthermore, the arrow keys can only be pressed one at a time, precluding to option for quick diagnol movements. . . . (max 80 oodles)  I recently purchased a ChromeBook (CB) with a touch-screen and have a specific tip for users with similar devices: use the mouse to select “Play” at the beginning of the game as tapping the screen to start will remove focus from the keyboard and one will not be able to play.  I lost about 50 oodles the first day I played this game on my CB because of this. :'(
# Cyclone >> I learned this tip from a former MVO (don’t remember who, though, it was awhile ago) – focus on collecting big groups of chips at the beginning of the timer.  My tips are 1) increase your volume so you can hear the final 10 second timer and know when to rush, at which time 2) focus on the bonus chips that earn 10 oodles (if they haven’t been collected, yet). . . . (max 79 oodles)  With my CB touch-screen, I am frequently able to complete collecting all chips (using a bottom-to-top method) with five or more seconds left on the timer (unless I become complacent :-P) so I highly recommend touch-screen devices for this game. 😀  I am able to collect all chips using a mouse, but find it much easier now with the touch-screen (obviously hehehe).

One final note I would like to make: many of you might remember me as the originator of the “Oodles Bonus Trivia Answers” thread on the former GSN forums (http://vbarchive.gsn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=11009 – second incarnation as I was once errantly banned from the forums, at which point my original thread was removed). . . .  I anxiously await the debut of the new GSN forums we were promised so I can continue chatting with my fellow oodlers!  For the time being, if you’re able and willing, there is a GSN chatroom open weekdays from 3pm-6pmEST – http://www.gsn.com/watchandwin.  It would be nice if GSN could make this more prominently available on the site so more could find it. . . . *winkwink* hehehe  I don’t join very often, mostly because I forgot about it until just now adding it to this bio (shh! lol), but I do occasionally.

At long last, it is such an honor to be chosen for GSN’s December 2014 Most Valuable Oodler!  I guess this makes me “Oodle Claus” for the year! hehehe  I’ve been participating in the Oodle program since 2009 and have enjoyed it ever since.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and shopped safe on Black Friday [or enjoyed a day of rest ;-)].  I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, and otherwise Happy Holidays!  Happy oodling and may God bless you and yours! 😎

20 thoughts on “A Merry Congratulations to wakedaddy820, December’s MVO!

    • Just wanted to say hope you have a good holiday and hope our next coming year will be great also. thanks for your help when we had the message board hope one day we will get it back.My annirversary is coming up on Jan 1, 2015 and I will be married 55 years. Good luck with your holiday this december and the best of everything for nest year,2015.

  1. Congradulation on you getting the December MVO . I just won the November MVO and hope the best for you as I have, Just knowing how much people and players that are with GSN it is a very high honor to win and I thank all the people that sent a message to me and I hope you will be happy with the one you will be getting. that you will feel the same honer. as I did Best of luck on everything you do in life.

    • Thank you loveless6! And congrats on your MVO selection, as well. 😀 I’ll take over the reigns for the next month. 😛

  2. Welcome to the MVO star of fame wakedaddy820!!! Congrats on getting your shiny, gold oodle in your hands!!! You have a wonderful life in the heart of the site and your fellow chat friends. We sure will put you in that oodlemobile so you can show off your picture in style. Let’s give him the black sunglasses to impress the women including loisem. I remember from the past message board page where you created the Bonus Trivia thread. You were a very awesome person posting the answers for thousands of players. That’s an excellent keen point in this support to the community. Keep up the good work to everyone out there. We are always take care of you if you need help with our concerns in need. Once again, congrats to MVO December 2014 for a true ambition like you!!!!!

  3. Congrats Brad. I hope your wish comes true for a Double-Oodles-Day! 😀
    We all work very hard for oodles & it looks like that takes up quite a bit of your time too.
    For now, the Golden Oodle is pretty cool.

  4. CONGRATS, Your story was refreshing & helpful. Thank you. As a “east coaster” myself, I feel dumb LOL 🙂 Never even thought about the time zones!!!! The other tips will help too. Happy Holidays. Wake Fan?

  5. just finished playing American buffalo game and ended up with over 200,000 tokens . this is what I closed my tablet with but now it just shows 133,000tokens. please help.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  6. Congratulations on being named Decembers MVO of 2014!
    You are indeed an impressive player! Thanks for all the tips and info.
    Enjoy that shiny Oodle that you so well deserve, may it bring you much more luck in your games and oh what the heck go ahead and polish it up wishing at the same time for a job (in 2015 ) as you say you are not so much actively looking now, perhaps the New Year will bring new adventures and opportunities!
    Congratulations again, from March’s MVO to you “Welcome Aboard” and what an awesome way to end 2014!

  7. Congrats, wakedaddy! I do hope that there are new forums coming here soon…. I miss everyone and when I see a name from the past (yours and all of the people who have commented before me here–[Hi!]) it just gets me nostalgic all over again!

    Happy Holidays to All!!!

    • Congrats! and welcome to the Tribe! Love your post! Great tips.

      Remember to rub your golden oodle like a Genie’s Lamp! Good things will happen!


  8. I’m a bit behind on my congrats, but am glad to see an oodle friend win the honor. You have many great suggestions and I plan to try them (especially using the letter keys for the Horse race). Belated Merry Christmas and hope you have fun in the New Year !

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