12 Days of Slots Races Update – More Prizes!

We were blown away by the popularity of these Slots Races! The feedback from players who don’t have as many Tokens to wager has been heard. 

In order to award more players for participating, 10  random winners who are not in the top 200 spots will score 100,000 Tokens every day too, starting Thursday 12/11!


The 12 Days of Slots Races have finally arrived to fill your account to the brim. Ready to compete for the biggest prize? Daily winners will be posted here

How to score Token gifts:

To compete in the Slots Race, enter today’s promo code on My GSN before playing the designated game:

12/8: Use promo code DAY1RACE and play American Buffalo Slots.
12/9: Use promo code DAY2RACE and play Wheel of Fortune® Slots.
12/10: Use promo code DAY3RACE and play Classic 777 Slots.
12/11: Use promo code DAY4RACE and play Blazing Cherries Slots.
12/12: Use promo code DAY5RACE and play Wheel of Fortune® Slots: Vegas Edition.
12/13: Use promo code DAY6RACE and play Deal or No DealTM Slots.


Get going now, and make sure to come back on 12/14 for an updated promo codes and games list!

The top 200 players who wager the most Tokens in each Slots Race will wake up to a share of 12,000,000 Tokens within 2 business days. As a bonus, the 200 players who wager the most Tokens over of the entire Slots Race event will split another 12,000,000 Tokens jackpot.

Note: You can keep track of how many Tokens you’ve played in the My Promotions tab on the My GSN page.

The Nice List (Payouts):





2 – 3


4 – 10


11 – 25


26 – 50


51 – 100


101 – 200


18 thoughts on “12 Days of Slots Races Update – More Prizes!

  1. I have been playing and in the top 200 since it started, but just realized I won’t be able to play on race days 5 & 6, because I can’t get the games. Which means I won’t have a chance at the entire race. Have previously talked to player services, but it didn’t help. Have brand new laptop, adobe updated, cache cleared, rebooted etc. and nothing helps. P.S.s tried telling me I’m running foxfire, but I’m running IE. I think you should run games everyone can play, or have an alternate game.

    • Hi Kate, it’s more a browser issue on your end, GSN can’t anticipate what will work for you, or what won’t. I would highly recommend trying the Google Chrome browser if your IE is not working correctly.

  2. Cheers, at least you’re trying to include most, thanks. Know have played in past slot race promos and even won a little, thanks again. But this, wow, didn’t even enter the parking lot let alone the ball park with well over a million. Even entered day 2, played until results for day 1 surfaced — that’s all it took here, done. “Oh what fun” though to have that amount to play……..Good Luck n spin on…….

  3. Hello. Is GSN experiencing technical difficulties with Chachingo Bingo? It doesn’t allow me to select numbers. Please advise…thank you

    • Hi, please try logging off of GSN and back on, or clearing your browser cache (make sure you’re logged off when you do that)

  4. OMG! I cant believe I won 5000 tokens playing the Wheel of Fortune slot races! Thank you so much! I am having a problem putting in the ChaChingoBingo numbers today. Is it just me or is anyone else having this issue?

    • WTG on your win! For ChaChingo, please try logging off of GSN and back on, or clearing your browser cache (make sure you’re logged off when you do that)

  5. So much for my strategy (1 spin with large token wager). Just looked at the first 2 days’ winner lists & am stunned by how many tokens some have to play with. Also noted several wagering more than the 10 billion limit! Why is that allowed? Maybe I’ll bet one of the 10 lucky random winners, since I’m ‘only’ wagering up to 1.5 million tokens on the contest. Lowest on winners’ list are betting more than 10 times that much (sigh).

  6. I agree, it is a nice gesture and much appreciated. I got discouraged after day 1, with a little over 25 million, I didn’t even register in last place LOL. Fortunately, I didn’t end up short 25 million. I was getting a lot of bonuses and free spins and ended up only out 3 million.

  7. Well in 2 slot games lost 15 million gave up after that what I don’t understand after I read it the winner is not how much you win but how much you spend that does not seem fair I never heard of anything like that if you win a lot it should not matter how much you spend this is rally messed up to me

  8. I asked this comment over 6 hours ago No answer. Free lotto , never get over 2 Numbers. How do they pick the lottery numbers. If you win,how are you notified. I have entered this for several months,as well as Chichango. I never ever get close, but I love to enter it. Also, at times the $250 game is not on. Would please answer my questions.

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