12 Days of Slots Races – Part Two!

A partridge in a pear tree is great, but a share of 12,000,000 Tokens every day is better! Daily winners will be posted here


The 12 Days of Slots Races have finally arrived to fill your account to the brim. Ready to compete for the biggest prize?

How to score Token gifts:

To compete in the Slots Race, enter today’s promo code on My GSN before playing the designated game:

Day 8 12/15: Promo Code: DAY8RACE – play Diamond Royale Slots
Day 9 12/16: Promo Code: DAY9RACE – play Wheel of Fortune Slots: Classic Edition
Day 10 12/17: Promo Code: DAY10RACE – play American Buffalo Slots
Day 11 12/18: Promo Code: DAY11RACE – play All Wheel of Fortune Slots (including Vegas and Classic) & Deal or No Deal Slots
Day 12 12/19: Promo Code: DAY12RACE – play any Slots Game

The top 200 players who wager the most Tokens in each Slots Race will wake up to a share of 12,000,000 Tokens within 2 business days. As a bonus, the 200 players who wager the most Tokens over of the entire Slots Race event will split another 12,000,000 Tokens jackpot.

UPDATE: In order to award more players for participating, 10  random winners who are not in the top 200 spots will score 100,000 Tokens every day too, starting Thursday 12/11!

Note: You can keep track of how many Tokens you’ve played in the My Promotions tab on the My GSN page.

The Nice List (Payouts):





2 – 3


4 – 10


11 – 25


26 – 50


51 – 100


101 – 200


13 thoughts on “12 Days of Slots Races – Part Two!

  1. Just reading many post over the past week about players talking about not having many tokens, etc. Just FYI, if you log onto GSN mobile, you can get free tokens daily. In addition, just watching 15 & 30 second videos, you earn 5,000 Tokens (that’s 5 x more than the GSN monkey of 1,000). A message posts at the top when these offers are available, u simply need click on it, watch the video and collect the tokens. My friend was awarded 85,000 tokens in ONE day just from watching videos. Also, they have games of the week for winning oodles. Last week was 400 oodles for video bingo. This week I believe 400 again for outlaw poker. My only regret, that I didn’t join the site much sooner. I try to log in daily after GSN. Hope this helps somebody.

  2. How do I get gems for the game I play on FB Throne Rush? I came here because the ad said that I could get a lot of gems for playing games on here?

    • Hi Michael, I’ve checked with a number of people on our different platforms. This isn’t a game of ours and we’re thinking you may have seen a false advertisement.

  3. The slots race counter is not registering. I played over 25 spins at 30,000 per spin and the slot race counter shows 0 of 10,000,000,000. I contacted player services.

  4. Why can’t the promo games be played on the GSN mobile app? The gsn website freezes and is small and slow but the graphics, speed, general performance is so much better and easier on the mobile sight. I would like to play the slots race but my spins don’t register from the mobile app. I know they are linked because my tokens are accurate from the website to the mobile app. I also would enjoy the Bingo Deluxe specials on the mobile app.

    • Hi dnice1968, they’re different platforms, and different sites. Mobile has their own promotions, but to play promotions on GSN.com, you definitely need to play on GSN.com.

  5. Sorry GSN Angel, didn’t mean to cause any confusion about the mobile site, was just trying to inform other players of what I’d discovered.

  6. Correct I got the same thing. The counter is not working properly on the 12 Day Race. That is going to mess up a lot of people. When you contact the help desk they act like this is the first time they heard of this problem and tell you about cleaning cache but I do that every day so I know that is not the problem. I am waiting to hear back from them now about how they are going to get your amount credited to your account especially when they can look and see where you played the games and the counter did not pick them up.

    • Hi Janie, I talked to Player Services. They got a couple reports. A couple games were not added to the ticker functionality so you could see how much you’re playing, but anyone who submitted their promo code before playing is still getting their Tokens counted properly. The ticker is for player convenience.

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