Black Friday is ON! Grab a $100 Gift Card Now in the Black Friday Auctions & Sweepstakes!

Our doorbuster deals don’t quit! Grab a share of $10,000 in gift cards.

  • Auctions every hour: Win a $100, Target, Home Depot, or Olive Garden gift card.
  • Sweepstakes every 6 hours: Win a $100 Walmart gift card.

Find it all here. Ends 11am ET Saturday

P.S. Get set for Cyber Monday – we’re giving away $10,000 MORE in gift cards!


44 thoughts on “Black Friday is ON! Grab a $100 Gift Card Now in the Black Friday Auctions & Sweepstakes!

  1. hi, up all nite were is the black Friday gift card auction that is advertised. it says every hour. but there is nothing.

  2. There are no gift cards listed in the PRIZES for Black Friday. I’ve checked more than once , used different browsers, and logged in and out. Does this all start later?

  3. Angel
    Not sure what time the Black Friday auction is suppose to start but it is 6:50 am and the auction isn’t posted in the prize center or on the link you provided. thanks

      • My Very Dear Angel

        Thank You Kindly MVDF. I’ve passed info on Auctions & Sweeps hours being extended to our GSNChatters Members on Facebook and Twitter. Hope it cuts back on posts here. Know, y’all made tons of happy people today.


        PS: I really feel for you, when y’all first got onto Players News today and saw all the pending posts

        • Thank you for passing the word along! I apologize for the rough start. You’re right, it was not what I expected when I checked posts! 🙂

  4. When does this begin? Clicked on your link and it went to prize center and said no prizes! Then I just went to the prize center and clicked for all the bidding auctions and it was not there either! Thanks in advance, Pam

  5. So where are the hourly auctions and the sweeps? Have been checking back and forth since I got the email at 2 this morning. When I follow the link, it says no prizes available.

  6. Will you post an update when this is resolved, I also have been checking since I got the email last night, and found it was not active

  7. How disappointed that we wait an entire year for the gift certificates on Friday and Monday each hour and they didn’t happen. We already know you make over a Billion dollars a year with the website and channel….you couldn’t give us a few $100 certificates once a year each hour….I won’t be on this site anymore

    • Hi Richard, I apologize for the auctions not starting on time, but the error was resolved and they started at 11am ET. Since they started late, instead of ending at Midnight ET, they are extended until 11am ET tomorrow, so everyone still has a chance to win each hour! You can read more here.

    • gem3042000, if your Oodles were deducted form your account, that generally means you won an auction. Be sure to check your spam folders for any notifications.

  8. Auctons ~ Once you bid your “oodles” if you do not happen to win the “auction” do the oodles get put back into your account or are they lost? A little confused about how these work. : (
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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