Introducing Loveless6, November’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to Loveless6, our November MVO. Barbara really enjoys GSN, and we’re thrilled she’s part of the Most Valuable Oodler family. Please read more about her below. You can see why she’s the perfect pick for this most thankful of months! 


Hi my name is Barbara, aka Loveless6. I have been with GSN for around 4 years. I am handicap and I am 73. I have a lot of severe back pain because I have fallen quite a lot. About 6 years ago I had to stay in a nursing home to learn to walk again.  I cannot stand or walk very far even now.

I live in a small town called Callahan Florida I was trying to find something to play on the computer so I went to a bingo site and they referred me to GSN. It was the best thing that happen to me. Without GSN I would not be able to enjoy having something to do. With my health there are not a lot of things to do. After I get up in the first mornings and take my pills and eat breakfast and then I play most of the games on the computer I love to play the toy chest/horse and basket game/big money . I could go on all day but I have a lot of things to tell everyone.

There are not a lot of games that I do not like. Some are a little to much for me, but I love these games and love to get the Oodles and Tokens. I have won a $200.00 card to use a Wal-Mart’s. That help me buy some things. I also love Trivia and Bingo, and I always check the Daily Break to try to win more Oodles. It takes time but in the end it is worth it. My husband constantly asks me why I want to stay on these games and I tell him it helps me get my mind off the pain. I have a lot of Arthritis and when I play I do not feel the pain as much.

I worked for the state of Florida but I had to retire on disability. I loved my job. I have worked since I was 15 years old. On January 1, 2015 we will be married for 55 years. I have a good husband. I have a son (Kenneth) who lives in Florida and my daughter lives in New York, but I do not see them very much. I sure miss them.

Besides games, I also enjoy watching TV. I have about 30 recorded shows a day and I love all of them. My husband got his own TV because I keep mine on and sometimes I watch my shows while I play the games.

I am so honored to become an MVO.  Thank you GSN Angel and the staff for helping others to have a good time. And may God Bless your staff and you for working so hard for us. As for being the November 2014 Most Valuable Oodler, the most I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is the best thing I have had in many years and I will treasure it the rest of my life. Thank you all players for being a part of this and a great part of our games. I appreciate all the camaraderie and tips. God Bless You All.



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  1. Congrats Barbara for your winnings! What you posted sounds just like me except I am a little younger, 49 yrs old and have been Diabetic since I was 12 which I was able to deal with for many years and always worked since I was 14 but now I can’t cause I hurt my back around 8 yrs ago, have diabetic neuropathy, arthritis and depression also because I was always a very active person who went to the gym every day and now I can’t do much. Plus I got hooked on pain pills which the doc wouldn’t subscribe to me because he found marijuana in my urine so I ended up buying pills on the street and then turned to sniffing Heroin when I ran out of money because it was cheaper and worked better. I ended up spending around 100,000 that my dad left me when he passed awaty within a year. Which I regret so much and hate myself for it. But I have been doing good for a yr and a half now since I have been going to the Suboxone clinic; I haven’t touched an opiate since I started there. I will probably be on Suboxone for the rest of my life cause it helps with my pain a little, without it I wouldn’t be able to walk and I also see a therapist every week to help cope with. People just don’t understand until they have been in your shoes. I also endure so much pain everyday and it’s true that being on the computer and having fun takes your mind off the pain. I try to be happy and optimistic every day but it’s not easy. Thank you GSN for all the fun that you bring us! BRING IT ON!!!! LOL

  2. I also wanted to let everyone know the T.V. shows I enjoy so much is HTGV on dish network it is 112 but I do not know what channel it is on every where else. It is fun to watch all the houses being fix and seeing the towns where they are showing all kinds of places all over the world. It show paris france germany Hawaii all of florida bahama and it so many more and I have never been to see all the worlds in unitied states amd all the states around the world sorry but I wanted to correct gthe error that I forgot to tell everyone all that HGTV and GSN had to offer. God Bless you all.

  3. Dear sweet Barbara…..may God Bless you with some good health and happiness! I read your story with tears in my eyes….I wish your children would cherish you and spend more time with you. I was happy to see that you still have your husband with you. Offer up your pain to God……and congratulations! You definitely deserve to have been chosen Most Valuable Oodler!!
    Love and Kisses,
    MissMyGirlie – Annette

  4. Congrats on the MVO award, Loveless6. I remember you from the GSN Message board, and the message board games we played there too. Nice to see a familiar face get it, at least a familiar face to me.

    From one MVO to another, Congrats. Try out the Oodle Outhouse, with an Oodle Toidy Seat.

  5. I miss my daughter and 4 kids and her husband abd it is hard for them to come down here is because they have all kinds of animals and fish,cats dogs .but we get to tralk a lot over the phone and we see my son and his wife and their son because they livein the next town which is closed to us and they check on us all thew tiome. so, everything is find but I wish we had the money to go see them but it qwould have to be in the summer time. New York is cold. haaha but thank you for careing so much for us. as for my health I have a bunch of doctors that take care of me and most of it is old age. and breaking bones but I have a walker and a scootere to get around. thank you and hope ever one eslse will get felling good also. thank you very much.

  6. Congratulations, Barbara on making MVO. You sound like a sweet person. Your story was so touching. I can relate, as we seem to have some of the same physical problems. However, I am 44. I am a Registered Nurse but have been disabled going on 4 years. I have multiple spinal conditions as well as other musculoskeletal ailments. I too have a great difficulty in walking (and us a walker) and have sustained numerous falls (that have only worsened my existing conditions). So, I truly understand the physical pain you feel as well as not being able to get out and about as you would like to 🙂 I’m glad you are able to find enjoyment in GSN. I only played a little when I was working, but now that I’ve been disabled, it’s become a great part of my day. Not only do I enjoy the games, and earning oodles of course, but I’ve also been able to meet and connect with other players that I play games with on a regular basis. Best wishes to you and again, congrats!

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what happened. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  7. barb you are an inspiration as well this is the first full blog i read all, i too share most othe the conditions and other faamiliar stuff you all give me strength love and best wishes to you all. PPS toilet seat ??? is ther a complete list of all gsn stuff and things we buy! I love this site only on less than ayear buy some days am on allday to help me.. can we get a page of all oodelectibles and or gns collectables i would love to try and get them all . ps hi fr northern canada

  8. Congratulations Barbara on being named MVO for November.
    Your story is as much heart breaking as it is heart warming……………..
    Wishing you healthy happy days……….. Glad to hear your son and his family are able to come and visit regularly………
    New York can seem worlds away when it’s hard to be able to visit in person with those you love. Just remember during those phone calls your in Sunny Florida and your calling (burrrrr-n-burrrrr, chilly) New York! ! !
    Enjoy that beautiful Golden Oodle and I certainly agree, all the fun games that GSN has to offer.
    Again from one MVO to another, Congratulations.

  9. MVDF Barbara

    Congrats on being honored as GSN’s November Most Valuable Oodler and welcome you to Our MVO Family. I recognize you username, am glad that y’all found GSN, and are a part of our GSN Family.

    I’m so very sorry that y’all suffer from severe chronic pain, we share this in common and understand how GSN can help take your mind off you pain, if only for a short.

    I hope one day soon, GSN will bring back the Message Board Game For Oodles, so, we can keep in touch again.

    Take Good Care and God Bless MVDF
    Zeke AKA zekester3

  10. Congrats Barbara, ditto my GSN friend. I was reading what you had to say and actually had teaars in my eyes because I related with everything you said except husband. I do not have a husband. Wow, is all I can say because you were summing me up in a nut shell. lol Thank you for sharing it lets know we are not alone in our shut in lives. God bless & keepyou. xoxo Dio

  11. I know your pain. I was crippled by a workplace accident back in ’05 after decades of working in a field I really enjoyed. Now my days are much like yours. I awake in severe pain and have to take my pain meds and get a cup or 6 of coffee in me before I can even begin to function. If not for GSN I would be way more bored than I am!
    I LOVE playing Spades, Hearts, Zen Gems and Swipe Hype (although I am pretty bad at Swipe Hype, I still like the game). Not much for Bingo or the slot games but I will occasionally play them for a change of pace.
    Married to the love of my life whom I have been with for 28 years now. Both of our sons are grown. Both have degrees and work in the IT field at local hospitals here in Seattle. The older son is a newlywed (as of Aug.) and his little brother (2 years younger) is still at home, helping me take care of his mother (my wife) when he isn’t at work, as she is also disabled. She was a nurse until a confused, 400+ pound patient ended her career and crippled her up pretty bad.
    We both thank the Lord for GSN as it helps keep us busy and keep our minds off of our pain.
    I will add you to our prayer list to ask if God will help ease your suffering. He has done wonders for US! I know that it is His power that keeps my pain manageable in between medication doses. Without His Hand to help soothe our pain I am sure we would be suffering even more than we do now! Praise His Name!

  12. I have been reading everyone comments and I just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful comments that each and everyone of you wrote, I did not know if I would even get any because I have played the games for a good while but I was sure was suprised to get as much I did . But I will write you all back again at the end of the month but as I stated I was really happy to hear from all of you and you can write me any time you want as long as can get the chance to answer them. Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and eat a lot but the main thing is thankyou for the warm wished you all gave me. .God bless you all send me a message and your e-mail so I can answer; have a goods day and God bless you all and thanks for GSN and HGTV for everything we have to enjoy these things. Thanks you Angel and the staff for all you have done to help us all,

  13. Congrats Barbara!!!

    I think we have chatted a few times on the GSN message boards. Wishing you continued good health. Keep oodling and be well 🙂

  14. Congrats again Ms Loveless6. I miss the message boards too. I play Message Boards for fun at GSNFellowOodlersChat like the old days.We even do A-B-C order, lol.
    “keep the shiny side up”

  15. WTG…….Barbara! I was MVO in June and it’s always been so much fun to enjoy The years pass by and it always seem to be the same day. What I am trying to say here….This site “ROCKS”!!
    Again, GREAT JOB and Congrats!!

  16. Well the November 2014 MVO has ended and another person has took my place and I hope he receives the joy I had for getting this. It is a moment in my life I will treasure.and over Christmas. I have enjoy reading the comments that each and everyone has posted for the month and it made me feel good to know that there are several people that was giving me joy. It is very lonesome at times when you get old and you do not get to see your children as much as you wish to but at least we have the phone and that helps more than nothing. with these games and the friendly people that I have met over the gsn line, I hope you all and everyone that could reply or could not reply the most happiness they could find for the coming year. could someone tell me what is the Ambassador award is? May the good Lord bless you all. and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. I would like to win the HGTV money award. be Good and thank you angel for all you do for all of us.

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