19 thoughts on “Gather ’round: The Thanksgiving Oodlectible Is Here!

  1. Wow the Animated Premium Version is 1,500 Oodles. That’s a lot, especially with Black Friday coming soon and been hoarding Oodles for it. Assuming GSN will do Black Friday Gift Cards again.

    Any hints on this My Dear GSNAngel?

  2. I got mine, and Oodles are free, so no worries about how much.. But, FYI, on the Lucky Horseshoe Oddlectable, the horseshoe should be displayed pointing upward so that the “luck” will not run out!

    • That’s what I always heard too Marvin, but then I read it can be either way. Down pours luck out on you. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

  3. Yes i bought the Thanksgiving Oodlectible, I also bought all of the Halloween ones was to get 1000 Oodles dont think i did.

  4. Thank You GSN for such a Lovely Thanksgiving Oodlectible!
    ….and Wishing All my fellow G$Ners a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    keeping those we love and can not be with in our hearts and prayers………….
    and Angel – I see you are here with us ! >Go enjoy some of the feast & trimmings!

  5. I must have imagined it, but I thought I saw a post that players who bought both the Veterans Day & the deluxe Thanksgiving Oodlectibles would get an Oodles bonus. Can’t find the post now & it doesn’t show up in my Oodles history. Was I dreaming?

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