Extended Hours For the Black Friday Auctions & Sweepstakes

The Black Friday Auctions and Sweepstakes were supposed to start at Midnight ET and end Midnight ET.

Because they didn’t start until 11am ET, the hours will be extended until 11am ET Saturday. We sincerely apologize and are investigating what happened on our end to make sure Cyber Monday goes off without a hitch.

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving, and good luck in the auctions and sweepstakes!



25 thoughts on “Extended Hours For the Black Friday Auctions & Sweepstakes

  1. Several years ago, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday gift card promotion was in the “buy it now’ fashion with a set oodle amount and lower gift card denominations. Why was it changed to an auction format? Any hopes of it going back to the ‘buy it now’ format? (seems like many more GSNers could partake in the ‘buy it now’ version!)

    • Hi Allison, the Oodles program has evolved and changed since it was first introduced in its experimental phase a number of years ago. The Oodles program has many more participants now, and for us to offer Buy It Now prizes we’d need to reduce the auctions and sweepstakes and charge, for example, millions of Oodles for a light bulb. We continue to explore sponsorships as a way to get more prizes and deals into our players’ hands. Please know that the prize team is constantly evaluating and adjusting to meet the needs of all our Oodlers!

      • Thanks 🙂
        I guess I *assumed* that the gift cards were already sponsored since they are for specific stores. I remember $5 Chic-Fil-A gift cards once.
        I do understand what you are saying with regards to the cost vs. prize.

        • No, we buy those. The sponsored auctions and sweeps have who sponsors them in the prize descriptions. We’ve had some really nice ones lately!

    • I agree. More people were able to participate which is better for maybe some who just joined and have few oodles. Why when things always say “we are trying to make things better” do they seem to be worse? Changes aren’t always good. I think GSN had more to offer back a couple years ago. I have been a member for about 3 years and I have won some things. Right now I probably have enough to get 1 of the $100 cards if I want to make a ridiculous stupid bid for 1. I just can’t see why people have to bid so high. It ruins it for everyone else. $100 cards were going for around 400,000 a year ago, now some bid 800,000 for them. GSN even made it known what an oodle was worth when they had the $5 World Winner card for 10,000 oodles that you could buy. Nobody realizes this at all. I play a lot of games and try hard to earn oodles so I can win something nice. What GSN needs to do is maybe offer a $5 Amazon gift card or Walmart gift cards for so many oodles or different denominations also, like $10, $25 a$50 and $100.That way it would be fair to all and everyone could get something. This way, it is the person with millions of oodles, who wins all the prizes (and some people, I have no clue how, they join 3 months ago and have over a million) and us who try so hard making leaderboards daily don’t stand a chance. I also think everything on this site anymore is TOKENS, TOKENS, TOKENS! I get GSN makes money from them, but a new oodles game once in a while would be nice, not 20 new slot or bingo games.

  2. I am new to bidding – I have a question – How soon do we know if our bid is accepted? I keep bidding again & again, since the oodles aren’t deducted – that means I didn’t win & try again?

    • Hi Charles, if you win the Oodles are deducted. So yes, if they’re not deducted that means you can try again. You can read more about the auctions here.

  3. Complete breakdown and can’t contact help center:

    Chingo Bingo page stops loading before allowing me to enter numbers.
    Straws page keeps repeating the ad endlessly and telling me that the game will begin shortly.
    Oodles trivia opens a blank black popup, never displays question.

    This is happening in both Chrome and Firefox. Browsers and Flash are all current updates. And no messages from the Syrian army – just no functionality. It worked this morning till about 9ET.

  4. I am soooo glad someone else has complained about the oodles auction too. I ask the same questions. I don’t have a smart phone to get mobile points but I work my butt off to get ooldes and a 400000 don’t get you nowhere

  5. I did over one hundred bingos in video bingo. I did not get another million tokens. I thought I would get more tokens for 100 bingos. please explain

        • craigsylvia, they asked if they could get the million again. My answer was true. Once you hit the million in the mini-games on video bingo, you can’t go back and replay to get it again. If this has changed, I’ve not been informed of it, and if you have further questions, please contact Player Services for assistance. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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