Dracula’s 5-Grand Plan Sweepstakes winner – monicaqbp.myp

Congratulations to monicaqbp.myp on winning $500 in the Dracula’s 5-Grand Plan Sweepstakes. Her reply to us, found below, made us grin ear to ear. While this sweepstakes is over, you can find more sweepstakes and auctions in our Prize Center. Just use your Oodles to enter! 


“Oh my!  I can’t believe I won!  I actually logged into my account to check the winner’s list because I didn’t believe it.  But my name is there!  This is such a blessing and comes at the right time.  I have tears in my eyes now because you can’t imagine how much this will help out with so much right now!  I have won smaller prizes a couple of times and truly enjoy them.  I cannot thank you enough!  To any other players reading this, please know that if you think it’s difficult to win, well, I can tell you it DOES happen.  It happened to me!

I truly enjoy playing GSN games because they are relaxing to me after a long day.  My daughter even likes to watch while I play.  The slots are my favorites.  She’ll cheer along with me when the bells and whistles of a win are going off.  I look forward to coming home every day and playing my favorites.  This site has truly helped me relax a lot over the last few years.  I found the site through MyPoints and have been a fan ever since.

Again, I can’t thank you enough!  This is truly a blessing.  I still can’t believe it and have checked the winner’s list several times to make sure I’m seeing it right.  Not to mention I have read the email multiple times because I was sure it had to be a joke or something.”

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