Black-Friday-Every-Friday Sweepstakes and Auction Winners Week Two

blackfriday_detailCongratulations to the lucky winners of the Black-Friday-Every-Friday Sweepstakes and Auction10 sweepstakes and 5 auction winners will take home their choice of a $100 Target, Walmart, Macy’s, or Gift Card every week. 

New winners are chosen every Friday through  11/28. Here’s what we got back from some of this week’s winners: 

bootsbonus – My bid in the Black-Friday-Every-Friday won me a $100 gift certificate and I am thrilled.  GSN is the best gaming site and the only one I play on.  Not only are your games fun but when help is needed you are there in short time.  Winning tokens and oodles makes playing even better.  Your tv game shows are great and I watch that station more than any other.  The gift certificate will come in handy for Christmas shopping.  Thank you for your good job providing such good entertainment.  I’m sure all fans appreciate GSN as much as I do.  I live alone and don’t know what I would do without GSN—-Thank you! 

ljustsydney55 – Thank you SOOOO much!!!  I do not have a digital camera OR facebook account but would love to share the news.   Yet another of MANY reasons that I love GSN!!  Would like to have a wal mart gift card,  thanks again!

cal17562908.ids – I’ll take a Walmart Gift Card please. Thank you VERY much!!!! This will help us out so much, I’ve been out of work since March due to disabilities so my husband is the only wage earner in a family of three (my son is special needs also). Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

red1roses – The prize that I have chosen to receive is the Target Gift Card. I enjoy playing the games the games on GSN such as Bookworm, Catch 21 and Lingo and playing the different contests that are offered. – Thank you so much.  I’d like the Walmart Gift Card please.  Let me know if you need my mailing address for the gift card.  I’ve attached a photo.  my testimonial is simply that I love the games on GSN and the opportunity to win prized makes it even more fun to play


2 thoughts on “Black-Friday-Every-Friday Sweepstakes and Auction Winners Week Two

  1. Congratulations to all the winners!
    Gotta Love G$N……………………..
    ……….back to all the great games…………….

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