$25 Daily Gift Card winner – cottoncandy3446

amazon-25Congratulations to cottoncandy3446, winner of a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card! She brought a huge smile to our faces with her note back to us:

I must admit I was truly “SHOCKED” when I went to check my Oodles tally and discovered I had actually won a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

I so enjoy the GSN Site, the variety of games with their well thought out aesthetics, along with all of the effort, help and friendly folks which make GSN such a delightful part of each day.

Although I don’t spend much time trying to win prizes, as I never really expect to win, (this was my first time) it was icing on the cake when I did win the Amazon Gift Card which also happens to be one of my favorite places to shop!  Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and for creating such great FUN!!

Click here for a chance to win a gift card too. What kind of card changes weekly, but they’re always $25!  

4 thoughts on “$25 Daily Gift Card winner – cottoncandy3446

  1. Does anyone remember the old Wheel Of Fortune game? We had post that was amazing. Had many friends that I have lost touch with and would like to meet again. One friend in Singapore that I miss in particular… Dinie or Virginia. I remember Bella, Rance, Fire and Ice, Dixie, Madonna16, etc., and many, many others. I miss them all. Email me, if you were an old Wheel player.

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