Zoku Quick Pop Maker Staff Review

This is a review from a member of our product team. She gave the Zoku Quick Pop Maker a test spin, and really enjoyed the delicious outcome! Here’s what she had to say: 

Do you sometimes have a craving for quick and tasty treats? If so, the Zoku Quick Pop Maker is your answer! You can create fast and easy snacks in just 7 – 9 minutes. Store the Zoku Quick Pop Maker in your freezer instead of your cupboard. Whenever you are ready or feel the need to have a juicy popsicle, just take the Zoku out and you can make fun, colorful, and healthy popsicles. I made blueberry, strawberry, and peach pops within 8 minutes! You can be as creative as you want with the ingredients. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is fun to use for both kids and adults.

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6 thoughts on “Zoku Quick Pop Maker Staff Review

  1. I checked out their site and they one for little hands that have adorable sea-themed
    Also you can make DOG Treat POPs with them it says.
    Shows a little video of a doggie enjoying his pop-treat

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