Reminder: Enter Dracula’s Facebook Costume Contest For a Chance To Score Prizes or Oodles

Velcome to Dracula’s Facebook Costume Contest! Share your spooktacular Halloween-themed photo with us on Facebook.

  • First place vill score a $100 e-gift card for Sweet Factory. Enough to cure your sweet fang!
  • 3 more vinners vill score a $50 e-gift card for Sweet Factory.
  • 10 more vinners vill split a share of de 50,000 Oodle pot.

To claim a stake of de prize pool, you need include an Oodle. You can either print this one, or draw your own. To print, click on the picture to pop it out larger, then right click and choose “print.”

Note: If you’re not able to print, please feel free to draw or make your own, but we NEED an Oodle image in your photo to be considered for a prize. Oodles photoshopped into a picture will not qualify.



Please also post your GSN user name when you post a picture, so if you win, we have a way to contact you or credit you Oodles. Facebook does not allow us to message fans from pages and I’d hate to see anyone miss out!

Enter now. Life is eternal, but de costume contest ends on Halloween! Winners will be announced by Wednesday, November 5th. 

Facebook Tips & How to Post:

Never uploaded a picture to Facebook before? It’s easy! You’ll need a Facebook account, but once you have one go to our Facebook page here, If you haven’t already,  you’ll need to “like” it. 

At the top of the page it will say “Write something on this page.” Click the camera icon to upload your photo. Be sure to type in your user name, as well as any other description you’d like to give. 


Once you’ve done that, it will show in “Posts to Page.” To find that, scroll down the page and look on the left-hand side. Where you see “Posts to Page” click on it to pop it out. There you can see all the posts by everyone.


If you’re not getting updates on Facebook, you can click on the “liked” button at the top of the page, and then in the drop down window click on “Get Notifications.” Facebook is controlling what information people get. If you do not click on “get notifications”  there’s a good chance you will  not see our posts, including winner announcements. Please consider doing this. 



12 thoughts on “Reminder: Enter Dracula’s Facebook Costume Contest For a Chance To Score Prizes or Oodles

  1. This morning the counter for Bingo Bash got stuck on 3 even though I played 6 games, could you relay to tech support that there is a problem?

    Thank You

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  2. My Dear Angel and Fellow GSNer’s,

    FYI: The game tracker/counter for GSN’s Mobile App, WOF Game Of The Week. is also not working properly, and gets stuck when using auto-spin. Does move a tad bit by doing single spins, but, still gets stuck after playing for awhile. Wish GSN would do something about issues with game trackers/counters. Refreshing GSN.Com’s Promo page two, three or four times, to get an accurate count of games played, is becoming very time consuming.

    REMINDER: When returning to Casino Home or on GSN Promo Page to check number of games played. When going back to play game, REMEMBER to change wager back to original amount y’all selected, or y’all could lose a whole lot of Tokens after just a few spins.

    MVD Angel, have already alerted GSN Players Services, but, a word from you to them, might get quicker results.

    Take Good Care MVD Angel and GSN Friends

  3. what if you don’t have a facebook, twitter or any other type of account similar to that. how can you enter the contest. i don’t have one of those type of accounts and can’t get one . just curious if there was any other way?

    • Hi richel777, new games are often released as beta while they’re being tested. This is one of those games. It can come and go, but hopefully it will be available to everyone soon!

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