Dracula’s 5-Grand Plan Sweepstakes

Dracula here, and I’ve got a scheme to get you rich! Enter my 5-Grand Plan Sweepstakes for your chance at a share of $5,000

~10 lucky vinners vill take home $500!
~10 runner-up vinners will score a $50 Sweet Factory Gift Certificate. 

Use your Oodles for a chance now, and enter again every chance you get. Dis sweepstakes ends midnight ET on 10/31. All treats and no tricks. Enter here for your chance at a share of $5,000 and more!

P.S. Dress up for Dracula’s Costume Contest and post your photo on our Facebook page. Winners will take home a share of $250 in gift cards for candy and 50,000 Oodles! For more details, as well as rules (very important!) please go here.


20 thoughts on “Dracula’s 5-Grand Plan Sweepstakes

  1. Angel, there’s a new game that just showed up on my casino page called Sugarpop; about the 4th spin i got a bonus…it said loading lollipop, but it wouldn’t load. Please pass this on to the game engineers.

      • Hi Angel…I’m using google chrome. It finally unlocked after i left and went back to the game several times, but then it locked again and then the spin button disappeared. I wrote to player services earlier and got the usual suggestions, but i’m not having problems with any of the other games. My flash player is automatically updated, etc.

        • It’s chrome. It’s doing the same to me. Try using IE if you have it, works perfectly. The game engineers are already investigating the issue.

          • I’m not sure if i have IE anymore; haven’t used it in so long i don’t remember how to leave the browser i’m using and try another. I guess i will just have to wait to see if/when the game engineers get the problem fixed.
            Thank you

  2. I played the 250$ sweet stakes games I entered 160 times that would be 12000 oodles but I did not win but I did not get my oodles back or did I win I don’t get that do keep the oodles even if you don’t win

  3. Angel, i tried to play sugarpop slots but it just hangs. its gone to bonus game and stuck there. logging on and logging o again just puts you back to the hang. Any body else having problems?

    • Yes, there have been 3 or 4 people reporting the same as you. It also freezes on me. I’m using chrome. What browser are you using?

    • Hi, you would get an email from GSN. You can also check the winners page in the Prize Center here – scroll down to bottom of the page and click on “View All Winners” as they’re updated almost daily, or you can look at the weekly listings here.

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