4 thoughts on “Daily $250 Sweepstakes winner – aLTTL1

  1. I am a newbie to GSN.
    I have a few questions.
    Why can’t you trade oodles for tokens?
    Why doesn’t the watch commercials appear more often to gain more tokens?
    It’s frustrating because when you win tokens in games, they are lost just as quick as they are won.
    I have had more time with an empty token time than a playing time with tokens…
    Constantly Frustrated

    • Hi lovvey, welcome to GSN!

      You can’t trade Oodles for Tokens, but you can use your Oodles to bid for Tokens in the auctions or sweepstakes. Read more about how to do that here. You may also want to read about how the Prize center and Oodles work here.

      The commercials appear fairly often to watch for Tokens. Watch for the Token Monkey to do so. Read about him here.

      If you’re getting low on Tokens, consider lowering your Token bets. That can help stretch your free Tokens so they last a little longer.

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