100 Days, 100 Tablets Winner – nickp_10

IMAG0060Congratulations nickp_10, one of the winners of the 100 Days, 100 Tablets Giveaway

Nick told us:  “I’m super excited to have won this giveaway. I enjoy playing the various games on GSN and look forward to the new tablet.”

We still have lots of tablets left to give away, through December 31. To find out how you might win one, please go here. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “100 Days, 100 Tablets Winner – nickp_10

  1. Sweety 56 Thanks for not posting my email to the public to see. As I mentioned about wimming one of your prizes still stand and what I want to use it for a celebration. To be able to take my son and granddaughrter on a nice trip for both of their birthday’s. I am happy I was able to be apart of 100 days,100 tablets before it expired. I love playing those games on GSN Site. Thanks Sincerely, Sweety 56

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