Tell Us Why You, Or Someone You Know, Would Make A Good MVO

oodlieHave you heard about our Most Valuable Oodler (MVO) program? Every month the Oodles Team and myself get together and chooses an MVO. Anyone can be a MVO.  We look for active players who love GSN games and who would be a good Oodles ambassador for GSN.

Every MVO gets a limited-edition Golden Oodle (and trust me, they’re VERY cool), as well as 5,000 Oodles. They are also featured in the Monthly Oodlegram, as well as a post here in Players’ Corner.

Examples of recent MVO’s can be found here:

MMWWordGames August 2014
2jellybeans  July 2014 
Mrtony37  June 2014
schaeferdisney May 2014
Jajbo63   April 2014

This month there is no MVO. The people we reached out to never responded, so we decided to take this as an opportunity to ask YOU who should be MVO’s in the future.

You can post in comments below or email me at  Tell us why you,  or someone you know, might be a good candidate for a Most Valuable Oodler Award. We really want to hear about you!

57 thoughts on “Tell Us Why You, Or Someone You Know, Would Make A Good MVO

  1. Angel, just wanted to tell you about my milestone… I logged in for over 365 days straight!!!!! OODLES RULE! Over 8 hours of play each day. And don’t forget to tune in to GSN for your favorite game shows too.

  2. Angel, I just wrote to you, and I notice each time I do, It register’s under jerrykarytoo, that is my husbands account, and I am jerrykary , Is this because we use the same PC? Thank you for your time, I know you are one busy Angel, Keep the pet stories coming, We are enjoying them.

  3. I think that I will make the MVO this month. Because I love playing Video Deluxe Bingo and other slot machines like Deal Or No Deal and there are others. But my favorite game is Video Deluxe Bingo and ChaCingo Bingo even though I haven”t won anything yet I’ll just keep on playing and playing just like that little pink bunny you see on T.V advertising Durcell batteries. Lol Lol

  4. I’d like to nominate jch1973 and loisem. Obviously they couldn’t be MVO’s in the same month, but they’re loyal to GSN, and love to play the games. They are also very helpful and friendly and also are usually on everyday in the GSN Chat room. Loisem has had computer issues at home though so its hard for her to be on GSN as much as she’d like to chat with us fellow GSNers. She always says kindness works, pass it on, so you can tell shes very friendly.

    Jch1973 is in the GSN Chat Room every day usually, and shes very nice, and enjoys GSN too. Shes very helpful, and smiles a lot in chat. 🙂

    I don’t know what words could best describe jch1973 and loisem other than the ones said above.

  5. I would love nominate sudasuda for MVO. That golden oodle would so cool next to my computer. I have been here for a few years and I enjoy a bunch of your games. Thanks for the consideration.

  6. I believe i would be a good MVO because I am a faithful player. I will do just about anythlng for an oddle! Consider for real because I never win anything. Thank you!!

  7. I would like to nominate myself, sudasuda. I think the golden oodle would look so good framed in my office. It sure would be a conversation piece. I love your site, games, and the trivia.
    Thanks for the consideration.

  8. hi Angel I think we all should be MVP as we all enjoy the games and have good and bad thoughts as we play. Maybe you or the GSN support staff should be MVP’s as well!

  9. I think Wendell on the Facebook page. I forget his last name, but he ALWAYS posts the answers for us and has been for quite a while now. Without his help, a lot of us would have to spend a lot of extra time searching for the answers.

  10. i would love to be MVO for this month. I do not play every day. But when Direct TV offered GSN Games I played as much as possible, now i play on the internet. I am raising 3 grandchildren , 2 are special needs, one has a rare syndrom, the other has Autism. After my day is finished at least 4 nights per week i play on GSN, since my out of the house time is limited.GSN is my get away.

  11. I thank I would make a good MVO because I like to play the games and my kids love the bingo games on gsn games my 6 year old loves bingo games I play it when he gets home from school and I play in the mornings to after he goes to school it gives me time to thank when I play gsn that is why I play and my kids like it when I play and I like it because it helps them stay out of stuff that is why I gsn games because my kids like it and like it to thank you gsn games

  12. I love oodles and It would make me sooo happy to be the MVO. For the longest time I thought the MVO was based on gameplay….. So I played everyday and still no MVO. Then someone said you have to be picked. Wow, I am back in the running. What a wonderful thought…. Me showing my family the Golden Oodle, smiling from ear to ear and saying….. “I did it!” Good luck all and have a very oodle kind of day. – bestbuds2nu2 🙂

  13. Hello Angel, I think that I should be the next MVO because I am always telling people about this great site, where people can come and let there hair down, and just have a good ole time! You play great games, win prizes and who knows, you might just make and meet friends for a lifetime! Which in itself is priceless, and you owe it all to this wonderful and blissful site! I do my best to log on daily, its like a routine of mine 🙂

  14. I would like to place my name into the “pot.” I am the originator of the trivia thread on the forums and have been dutifully waiting until the new one is live that GSN has promised us so we can all have one place to commune again. (Any word on that?) I visit GSN daily, as it’s a part of my routine, and do my best to complete all of the oodle promotions. I even have it set as a “pinned tab” in my browser! Thank you for considering each of our nominations! 🙂
    Happy oodling! 😎

  15. I like the idea of nominating an MVO. Maybe you could have like three or more nominations vetted and then have everyone vote for one of those that were already selected and the oddler with the most votes would be the MVO.

    • Hi darleneohio, we discussed that when we started the MVO program a few years back, but decided we didn’t want it to turn into a popularity contest. Having the Oodles team chooses allows us to surprise everyone, including those we contact. 🙂

      • Yeah, I didn’t like the idea of it turning into a popularity contest either. Maybe if you invite players to submit an idea or game tip and pick a few of the submissions and then have everyone vote on their favorite tip or idea instead.

  16. I’d like to nominate kittyx11 because she has always been there to help us with the games, Trivia answers, and gives her time to help all. She logs in all the time & loves GSN with a passion like most of us do.

  17. I also would like to nominate kittyx11. She is a very friendly & dedicated lady who is all about earning her Oodles, either through playing games, answering trivia questions, or even through promo codes. After GSN closed the chat rooms on the site a forum was created for all of us members to go join so we could still get trivia answers & chat with each other. That ended up getting shut down also, so kittyx11 took it upon herself to open a forum ( if anyone is interested in joining). She has been very dedicated to moderating the forum on a daily basis. However, recently she fell ill & hasn’t been able to focus all her time & energy on the forum & I’m sure hasn’t been able to complete everything on GSN’s site lately either. But even with her being sick & not able to always log on to the forum, she has been worrying herself to death about the forum. To me that is dedication worth 5,000 Oodles & a Golden Oodle.

  18. I would like to nominate kittyx11. She has promoted GSN games and the love of collecting oodles more than anyone I know. She would be a outstanding MVO.

  19. I would like to be the MVO because I love GSN and I play a lot of games but because I am handicap and try very hard to play the best I can do but I am not good enough to win enough oodles to be able to get something on prizes butt without GSN I would be lost and I have sent in trivia questions and also I have sent e-mails and put in Facebook how much thy are missing to not to join GSN also I sent out over 25 people to join and I know more than 20 started playing and they have let me know how great it is to. but thanks for letting me write this note and angel and all the crew is doing a great job . keep up the good work also keep the TV all the houses, repair and I watch every on of them on channel 112 on my TV and this is the best show I watch every day. Keep up the good work and help the old and handicap so we might be able to win a lot games. thanks

  20. I would like to nominate Bill Langhorst. He posts the midnight bonus question answers and also posts the Daily Break contests. He is like the Zeke of GSN Answers! Day in and day out, he’s quite faithful and has been through the years. He would be a terrific representative as the MVO for GSN.

  21. I would love to be the MVO because I loved GSN for their addicting games and and never miss the chance to win the money on GSN Bingo. When I’m not at a computer I make sure to play on my phone. I also love to hear about other player’s winnings and their tips. I appreciate all the contests you run.

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