47 thoughts on “Score Up To 200 Oodles a Day With American Buffalo Slots

  1. I am very sorry but this game is not worth playing out of playing a few games somewjere closed to 40 and I was betting 80 I lost 2,???? tokens and all it did was nothing several times I had 3 in a row up and down but got nothing . I just the played on also I did not like to play and get nothing if I had continue to play at the rate it was letting you win I would have lost way up there.because it is hard to play with nothing showing what or how many you played and if you lower your bid to 40 you even lose more, “good luck “also what happoen to the bonus on the gsn page if they are not using it why have have it there when we can not use it . thanks candy I know you can only help us so far.

    • If you have a smartphone,tablet,or kindle fire you can download the GSN casino app and earn 5000 tokens for each ad you watch..easy payday for tokens

  2. I really hate it when the counter doesn’t work right! I played until I knew I was close to having 150 total spins. Then I went & checked the counter on my promo page. It showed only 67 completed on the first 75 spins! So I spun 8 more times & checked the counter again, but it showed only 74 spins. So I went back & spun 1 more time & checked the counter again. It still said 74! So I did it again & still 74! This is ridiculous! It’s bad enough not having an auto spin! Having to deal with counters that rarely ever work properly makes it not worth bothering with! You would think by now they would know how to do this right! Or don’t they care?

    • I just went back & spun 10 more times hoping that at least one spin would register so the first 75 was completed. Only 6 spins registered! I’m done! I’m not bothering with completing the second one.

    • I think I responded with this on a previous post, but to be on the safe side because I want to make sure you get your Oodles, please find a 200 Oodles promo code here.

  3. I third that! About the auto-spins that is. Also, game isn’t crediting all spins. Completed 157 spins, but counter stopped on second replay # 7 and will not credit more. Just FYI, will contact player service.

  4. The game is cool, but between the howls, growls & stampedes – hard to keep count of spins. The game designers should be able to make it happen. Thanks for opportunities to win oodles.

  5. I’m experiencing a technical game counter difficulty!!! I played 150 spins and it only counted 40. While I did refresh the page, it still didn’t count the rest of my spins towards the game bar. I’m not going to waste more token and my time. I’ve lost my opportunity at 200 oodles and possibly tomorrow. I’ve sent the concerns to Player Services and they should get to me in the morning or so.

    • Magicallipps, I believe that’s under beta-testing so only about 10% of players see it yet. I’m glad you like it though! I haven’t seen it myself yet. 🙂

  6. On top of all the shortcoming inherent in this game, now the counter on the MY GSN page is stuck at 74, even though I’ve spun 115 times. The number of problems on this site just keeps growing. And, yeah, I’ve contacted player services, but I just wanted the emotional release of griping here. Thanks! I feel better now.

  7. just wanted you guys to know my counter messed up…have forwarded the issue to the tech team…i am positive they will resolve the issues so if anyone else is having trouble as i did …. feel confident they can resolve your issues too..xoxoxxoxo..everyone….

  8. Have tried playing American Buffalo slots but the counter is WAY behind. I sent two screen shot from my token counter to gsn help. Won’t play again until it is counting correctly. (spun 80 times, counted 52!)
    Should have credited 100 oodles for completing 75 spins.

  9. i’m very upset about this game! it states that you only have to spin 75 times in order to get oodles. well ever since you put this up, i’ve had to spin 3 times in order for just 1 spin to count!!!! so, virtually i’ve had to play 3 times just to get my oodles!!

    • Hi, the Daily Break had some issues on their end again, but are working on the credit reports now. Please remember the rules do state: “Game Show Network will attempt to credit all accounts within 48 hours. However, crediting times may vary.”

    • cathiecutie, I’ve let the site engineers know what you posted, but sometimes it can take a few moments for the servers to catch up. Try leaving My GSN, and then checking again. Also, the promo tracker does not record any bonus spins won, just the actual spins by the player.

      • It doesn’t count the bonus spins?! That really sucks! Is this normal on every game when we have a counter? First, no auto spin, then, counter issues AGAIN, now I find out the free bonus spins we win in the game don’t count! Wow! Just another reason not to bother with them!
        Plus, on top of that, there are more & more issues playing the games on GSN with glitches & lagging galore! Not to mention the fact that Norton has had to stop several attacks on my computer while on GSN & lately, when just trying to go from one page to another, I’ve gotten full page alerts stopping me from continuing because the webpage wasn’t safe! I’ve never gotten these alerts from anywhere else, just GSN! Of course player services says it’s on my end but I’ve done everything possible on my end to fix it & nothing has helped. Besides, the problems are much worse at night from around 9-10pm through about 3am. I’m the only one on a computer at that time here & I’ve checked my speed & connection during those times & it’s better then than it is during the day. So it’s not on my end! I think a large part of it is the ads. They are constantly changing & the games lag every time they do. It’s not just one ad either. It’s all the ads on all the games! Plus they have sound now, which they shouldn’t have while you are playing a game! It’s distracting & it makes it hard to hear the sound cues you need to hear in the game. They never had sound before, not until a few months ago.
        It’s becoming to annoying to play here anymore! I guess I will have to start looking for somewhere else to play or something else to do, like so many others already have. I came here for stress relief but now it’s causing more stress & that’s the last thing any of us need! Getting canned replies that don’t answer any of our questions & having questions completely ignored by customer service doesn’t help either! Playing games on GSN is suppose to be fun! Where’s the fun?

        • I’ll double check (and anyone feel free to let me know if I’m wrong), but I don’t think it counts bonus spins in any game. They’re not track-able the same way, because they’re a bonus that happens in game.

          • Yes you are right. I noticed that long ago and it seemed like a bummer but I got use to it.
            I am with TraceyLee on the glitches, lag time, ads with audio and unsafe website messages but again I really enjoy GSN and at times just have to quit playing for awhile then come back and play some more. I am not sure if these problems are fixable by GSN or if it is even an issue that can be sent to the proper place to be resolved. I am sorry TraceyLee that you have become so frustrated that it makes you feel like going somewhere else… I really do understand, but I also pick up on your “enjoyment factor” “R&R” that you have gotten in the past on this site… So most definitely I understand the frustration….Perhaps these issues can be resolved afterall and you can have your comfort zone back without the hassles of finding other places that could be worse nightmares, stress and money grabbers! Sorry Angel for being rude and using your comment area…. I just got carried away.

          • It’s OK wanningwoman. I’m happy to pass along comments to the site engineers and marketing. The feedback is important because we DO want GSN to be as good of a site as possible. Thank you for your thoughts (and you were not rude!)

          • That was a lot of what I experienced and I found help in Performance and Information. My gaming card and graphics was outdated. Hope this will help you.

  10. I bough 9.99 dollar us of token and left after one day of a1/3 of what you get and this the first I hear of the Oodles which i`m to late for

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance, and let them know what is happening. They’re able to assist with this. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

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