Play the Favorites – Score 100 Oodles Every Day!

Score 100 Oodles when you play 100 spins of American Buffalo Slots, Wheel of Fortune Slots, Deal or No Deal Slots, Blazing Cherries Slots, or Classic 777 Slots. Earn 100 Oodles every day through Tues, 9/30. Details on My GSN


13 thoughts on “Play the Favorites – Score 100 Oodles Every Day!

  1. The wording on this promo is a little confusing. “Repeat once per day for 400 Oodles by midnight ET Tuesday.” It kind of sounds like one can repeat each day. The word repeat is the confusing word. Your post clarifies it, but the promo wording doesn’t spell it out quite as well as you did. For that I thank you.

    • I’ve been trying to explain, for a while now, that their use of the word “repeat” is always incorrect. This time it should be “complete.” There is no repeating (per day). . . . Every other time it has to do with the number of times listed “to repeat” – the first time (completed) should not be included (as a time repeated).
      Happy oodling! 😎

      • I agree with you wakedaddy820. Repeat and Complete once (per day) have two separate meanings. Repeat (do again) Complete (finished). Oh well, I repeated it, and now I can say I completed it, because I am done trying to make a point.

        At least in Player News the Angel tries to let us know the rules in laymen s terms.

  2. Hi GSN Angel,

    I don’t know if this issue is affecting other GSN players this evening but around 6:30 p.m. PST I attempted to play Video Bingo Daub Around the World. It loaded 95 % and stopped. I tried numerous times to play but this game would not complete loading each time. It has been in this state about 60 minutes where I cannot play. Are other players experiencing the same issue? This game ends on Monday, 9/29. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Tom, yes, some players have reported the same. Can you please tell me the following, so I can pass it on:

      Your operating system. If unsure click on this link: It will say at the top of the page: “Your OS is ______________”

      What versions of IE or Chrome (or other browser) are you using? To find IE’s, click on “Help” at the top of your browser screen and then in the drop down window click on “about internet explorer.”

      For Chrome, click on the menu tab (the little tab with 3 bars to the upper-right hand side, then click on “about Google Chrome”.

      Also, are you using a desktop computer, a laptop, or a tablet?

      Are you using a PC or an Apple?

      What kind of internet connection are you on? DSL, Cable, etc. Are you using Wireless?

      What leg of the map are you on? They will need as much of this information as possible to investigate. Thank you!

  3. Buffalo Slots is by far my favorite slot game and I noticed they improved the speed… spins much smoother now and counts up tokens much faster. Love earning oodles here in my free time Thanks GSN!

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