Play Bingo Bash With Chips on Us!

Have you played Bingo Bash? The world’s #1 bingo game is here on GSN, and we’re helping you daub for free.


Everyone who enters the Bash Sweepstakes will score! PLUS you can pocket Chips today in the Bash Auction. Enter or bid now for your chance. Ends 10/5. 

Bash Sweepstakes:
~1 winner will pocket 1,000 Chips 
~2 winners will pocket 250 Chips.
~All others will pocket 5 Chips.

Bash Auction:
~The top bidder each day will pocket 100 Chips.

34 thoughts on “Play Bingo Bash With Chips on Us!

  1. I usually play 30 to 40 games a day as long as I have the chips and find it a great way to relax and pass the time.I enjoy the game very much and will continue to play it in the future.

  2. My daily break for today 9/29/14 is sponsored by Silk Vanilla Almond milk and it states grand prize 500 coins and runner-up 250 coins….say what? What are the coins for? I want oodles, not coins.

  3. Hi Angel. Just wanted to be sure about the Bingo Bash sweeps. Does “All others will pocket 5 Chips” mean 5 chips per entry or 5 chips per person, regardless of number of entries? I’ve bought 5 entries so far, does that mean I’ll get a minimum of 25 chips?

  4. the prize is 100 chips per day for the top bidder. the site states you can only bid once, so how can we get the top bidder each day chance?

    • Hi jay, credits will be credited once the sweepstakes end (so they know who all entered). I suggested we update the copy to reflect that.

  5. I have a question I like to ask Angel. How long will Bingo Bash Chips be credited if we win an auction and/or sweepstakes? Also, let’s say I entered the sweepstakes and I didn’t win 1,000 or 250 chips. If I entered like let’s say 5 entries. Do I get only the 5 chips for the 1st entry? Or could I get 25 chips for the 5 entries I entered?

    • Hi, it’s 5 chips per person, not 5 chips per entry. I was only told chips will be credited once the sweepstakes ends and they can get a list of everyone who entered.

    • bingopueen, so glad you enjoy Bingo Bash! We don’t have access to chips and Bash accounts, you would need to reach out directly to the Bingo Bash Team. Please look for the “Support/Report a Problem” button once the game has loaded. Our players here may have good advice on how to make the chips last longer though.

  6. I absolutely Bingo Bash!!! I have 3 devices and it is on all 3!! I’m on different levels and it’s a totally different setup on the laptop then it is on my mobile device or even on the kindle fire! but it’s GREAT!! Thank you for the heads up always looking for ways to make the chips last longer and how to get more!

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