Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game – But Watch Out For the Grumpy Cat!

These cute things need a home! Redeem Oodles for your favorites here, and add them to your Collections Box on My GSN.

These Oodlectibles are part of the Happy Puppy Game. Three of the four puppies are genuine which will reward Oodles and Tokens, but one will turn into a grumpy cat on 9/10 and cancel all Oodle and Token rewards from this game. 

The more puppies you purchase with your Oodles, the greater your rewards will be. However: This also increases your chance of collecting the grumpy cat. Adopting the same puppy more than once will not increase your reward, so use your Oodles to collect different puppies. Good luck!

~ Adopt 2 puppies: Score up to 2,500 Oodles and 25,000 Tokens.

~ Adopt 3 puppies: Score up to 5,000 Oodles and 50,000 Tokens.

~ Do not adopt all 4 puppies if you want a chance at winning.

Credit will occur within 3 business days after the game ends on 9/9.


38 thoughts on “Happy Puppy Oodlectible Game – But Watch Out For the Grumpy Cat!

  1. Just curious what others think! Is this a trick? Is the grumpy dog gonna turn into the grumpy cat? Or do they want us to think that and one of the happy puppies will turn grumpy?

    • Hi gwalterrobin, I dont know, but one would tend to think a grumpy dog = a grumpy cat. Or a sad puppy is sad because he turns into a cat. Or a happy puppy wants to be a cat. It’s anybody’s guess. I would just go with your gut feeling. The oodle payout is much greater if you get 3 right. 2 would get you 1500 profit and 3, 3500 profit (that’s oodle profit). Good luck to you. I am still undecided which way to go.They are all so cute.

      • Thanks Cindyk4aday! I was thinking the same thing about the grumpy dog turning into the grumpy cat. Then I thought, what if it’s a trick?. I haven’t guess right on any of these ones, where it changes.

  2. they’re all adorable; so later will we be able to purchase the ones we don’t adopt now?; I’m still looking for the candy oddlectibles from last June to reappear so I can buy the ones I didn’t get then-any chance they will be back again?

  3. Ahhhhh!!!!! Those adorable oodlectible puppies are so cute Angel!!! I have to make a tough decision on which 2 or 3 puppies won’t turn into an angry cat. I don’t want a cat in my collections box. Imagine if I selected the wrong one, there will be an angry cat messing with the dog. I’m probably guessing that one of the 2 dogs that are sad would turn into a cat. I have no idea if one of the happy dogs could be the grumpy cat. This is going to be a guess on my pickings. I hope to win like I did with the National Candy month oodlectible game.

      • Angel, I’m going for the highest risk for a shot at 5,000 oodles and 50,000 bonus tokens. I made my decisions to choose happy puppy oodlectibles #1, 2, and 4. I’m probably leading towards either #3 or #4 would turn into the angry cat. #1 and #2 might be the safe ones on the appearance here. I hope #3 is the imposter oodlectible for the grand prize!!!

  4. Angel, I was just wondering, will the puppy that turns into a grumpy cat remain a grumpy cat forever or will he eventually revert back to a pup? Like the egg that broke, it doesnt break any longer. Just curious.

    • Hi Cindyk4aday, the eggs did that because they offered the rest of the collection after the game ended. I don’t know if the puppies will be for sale again after this one (which would turn the cat back into a dog)

  5. I havent decided yet but when I look at the pug’s nose it resembles a cat face I see eyes ears mouth maybe I’am just seeing things what do you think.

  6. i have yet been correct in these oodlectible guessing games. i never pick the right ones. ok so this time i want the grumpy cat! i want to choose the wrong one, LOL! i am a cat person. of course this will probably be the time i would pick the right ones and not get grumpy cat. i am hoping that by choosing all four, even though i am not going to win anything that the dog will still turn into grumpy cat and that i can buy the other dog oodlectible later. but before i buy the 4th one, when you ask if the dog oddlectibles will be available after the game, please also ask about the grumpy cat. will it be available. and as to whether the grumnpy cat will turn back into the its original dog oodlectible after the contest. i don’t want to eliminate myself from the contest buying all four if i am again going to have all four instead of grumpy cat. if the one turns back into the dog, then i may as well stick with three and hope i win. (which to me is lose since i want grumpy cat more than tokens or oodlectibles, LOL!)
    simplified from my feline point of view:
    1. i get three dogs. they are the “right” dogs. no grumpy cat. (i AM grumpy)
    2. i get three dogs. one is the grumpy cat. (i am happy)
    but if then grumpy cat turns back into the dog after the contest. (i am grumpy)
    3.i get all four dogs. one turns into grumpy cat. (i am happy even though i win nothing)
    but what if grumpy cat turns back into the dog after the contest. (i am grumpy because i eliminated myself from the contest by buying all four and still didn’t end up with grumpy cat in the end))
    hope you can follow what i’m trying to say. i want grumpy cat that will still remain grumpy cat weeks and months and years after the game is over.


  7. Why didn’t you all put in the first sentence “do not buy all four pups” that would have been more instructive than at the end of the paragraph that sentence /instruction should have been the first words seen I’m sure a lot of players made that huge mistake by getting all four was this done on purpose!

    • Misssurvey 2020, I apologize for any confusion, but I post the copy as I get it. We’ve held similar games over the years. The title even gave a hint of “Watch out for the grumpy cat!” and the instructions on the actual Oodlectibles in the Prize Center are very explicit: “Three of the four puppies are genuine which will reward Oodles and Tokens, but one will turn into a grumpy cat on 9/10 and cancel all Oodle and Token rewards from this game.” People are responsible for reading all the copy before taking action, and I feel we outline the games pretty well.

        • Misssurvey 2020, there’s nothing to apologize for! But perhaps I need to apologize to you if I made me feel you were taking up my time. I truly didn’t mean to make you feel that way.

  8. three days left. please… before the game is over…
    i’m still trying to decide whether to buy the fourth dog because I DO WANT the grumpy cat. but if the one changes back to a dog then I will have given up my chances of winning anything to the dogs.

    i’m going to simplify here. if someone didn’t play the game, once it is over, will ALL of the dogs be available to purchase AND the grumpy cat also?

  9. That SU#*S I choose the wrong one. It was a toss up between 1 and 4 and I choose the wrong one. 🙁

    Wish I could of used TOKENS to buy them. As I have TOKENS coming out the wazzuzy. :

  10. I purchased the puppy #2 and #3 before the 9th. Then after the contest ended the 9th… I purchased the #1 and #4. I noticed the #4 has turned into the Grumpy Cat! Will I still get the oodles and tokens since I didn’t get the one that turned into a cat until today, after it ended? Thank you!

    • Hi Nannie J, they shouldn’t have been available after Midnight ET (you lucked out!), but the game ran from 9/1-9/9, so you’ll still get Oodles and Tokens for the previous two purchased.

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