23 thoughts on “Thursday Power Hours

  1. I’m confused. I was under the impression that the Video Bingo game for August would continue through Sept. 1st (pretty sure I read that on here). I just opened the game and it’s a different version. I had intended to reach the final bonus before it ended in a few days, but looks like I no longer have a chance to earn those bonus tokens. Am I overlooking the August version somewhere? 🙁

      • Thanks for checking on it. The post of August 12 is where I’d seen that the August version would be available through Sept. 1.

        • Oh no! Looks like the game has been returned to the August version (Summer Sizzle or whatever it was called) BUT it’s been reset so all accumulated progress toward the big bonus tokens is back to 0. If the winnings can’t be put back where they were, this really does no good to go back to the previous version (even though it was advertised to last a few more days). 🙁

  2. Oh such a great Thursday…no work,power hours and I earned 2,200 Oodles watching ads…wow has it been a fantastical day!!!!

  3. When the Summer Sizzler game re-appeared I lost all my beach bingos.
    I could have made it to the 1 million tokens.
    Have already contacted player services.

  4. And now Summer Sizzler is back (and shows no previous Bingo wins). What happens to where we were in the NEW Round the World bingo game?I was almost to Rome! Are those scores saved OR do we need to start all over again? What is wrong at GSN these days?

  5. I cant get on gsn through my favorites It will say gsn is currently on line for maintenance and will be back shortly and has not come back It has been over 15 hrs please respond thank you. pikelaketoots

  6. Last night I started getting some screen that says gsn is offline for maintenance and will be back shortly when I tried to access gsn via my bookmark. Now I’m able to access thru gsn cash games… does anybody know whats going on or is my bookmark broken and I just need to update it…did I miss an announcement?

  7. This is a little off topic of the Summer Sizzler…but the promotion for the Bingo Bash game isn’t showing up. I’ve submitted a ticket but haven’t received a response and now support is gone for the weekend. Have you heard anything about this?

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