Players’ Pets Featuring dsgrng, EricTheActor, and blinkluv1823637

pets_fb_470x246aKeep sending us your pet pictures! We’re getting great submissions, and these are so fun to share. 

Remember, when I post yours you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! You can send them to Please include your user name and a few words about your pet too. Even if you don’t currently have a pet, but would like to share a picture of a treasured pet from the past, or a pet in your family, please feel free to share. 

This week we’re featuring pets from dsgrngEricTheActor, and blinkluv1823637Remember, you can click on the pet pictures to make them larger for viewing! You can find previous pet posts here and here


dsgrng – She is my life saver. I went to bed with a back ache and woke up and couldn’t move from the waste down. Was taken in for emergency surgery. My life was changed. I couldn’t go back to my job that I had for 23 yrs. I went into deep depression.

A friend had me pick out a pup from this lit of shitz-shuz and when we received a call saying they were at the vet and needed to put her down because mommy was refusing to feed her because of heart problems, I said NO!!!!

I’m on my way. So my friend and I went to the vets and held her and the vet explained to us her chances and what her future would be if she survived. I said I didn’t care, I wanted her. So the lady gave us our check back and said IF she passed, we could have a pick of the lit of her next litter. I told her that day, we were both fighters and she’d be fine. She does take heart meds daily but I’d do it all over again any day for her and what she has given me in return in my life. So I saved her life and she saved mine.

She will be 14 in December. She’s the love of my life. 


EricTheActor – Let me introduce you to my dog, Wilson, who is a Cavapoo (half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Poodle).  This amazing little fellow is very expressive, both with respect to his looks (my family is convinced that he smiles – see the pictures and you decide), but also in his vocalization (where my family again is convinced that he mouths “out” when he wants to go outdoors).  One thing for sure, he is a treasured member of our family.

Wilson01 Wilson02

blinkluv1823637 – She is stubborn, spoiled, but adorbale and full of loyalty and love. She has attitude, character, and spunk… she is goofy, curious, and smart. She lights up my life and never fails to bring a smile to my face no matter how hard a day it has been. She is my joy, happiness, and love… she is my Wookie <3 =)

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23 thoughts on “Players’ Pets Featuring dsgrng, EricTheActor, and blinkluv1823637

  1. I couldn’t resist letting you all know…. How all your pet pictures always brighten the day! I’ve always wanted a Himalayan. Oh & Wilson just took my heart! 😉 Thanks for sharing! 😉 God Bless You All!

  2. 09-01-2014

    Does anybody know what happened to my sis beloved York Terrier, Benny?

    I think he in the State of Florida.

    Please contact me, with a picture of him, should you see this request.

    Thank you & it would be very appreciated by me & my family.


  3. I agree! I love seeing all the pets and their owners. Dsgrng…. Give Snickers a kiss from all of us. All of the pets are wonderful! Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. Thank you from Snickers and I for all the nice comments. Hope to see more to come, I love seeing the pets too. Love Wilson, I had a mix that looked like Wilson when I was a child. Blinkluv, your cat looks like one of Snickers’ play dates she has.
    And yes Rox, I will give her a kiss for you. She’s already snuggled in for the night.
    Shelly, Good Luck in finding yours.
    dsgrng – Candy and Snickers

  5. All these animals are beautiful but ,my cat Shadow is 15 1/2 and he and I have been together since he was born he is having problems with his kidney but on meds. There are times when I think he is passed but I hold him in my arms and cry out I love you I love you it’s ok I will never forget you Shadow and all the love you have given me throughout the years and your faithfulness,then like out of a story book he comes back and I hold him till,m he is Ok. This happens allot lately and I know it will be the final one some day but I keep holding on and it seems he does to for my love,Yes love keeps everything alive in your heart mind and beyond time. Isn’t God good:)Thank You Father for the most wonderful pet in my life:)

    • I’m very sorry Shadow is struggling MarieaGrace. We had to let our 14 year old Bichon go last Friday, but he’ll be forever in our hearts, like Shadow will be in yours!

    • Hi Shirley, 3 pets are being posted each Friday, and they’re being posted in order they’ve come in, so it will be a while before yours show up.

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