Players’ Pets Featuring bestbuds2nu2, beck49, and Raye57

pets_fb_470x246aWe had GREAT responses from players who sent us their pet pictures. Thank you so much for sharing them. I plan on featuring a few pets each week, so if you’ve sent pictures in, they will be used! If you’ve not sent any yet, please feel free to do so.

I’d like to make this an ongoing weekly feature. Remember, when I post yours you’ll get 1,000 Oodles! You can send them to Please include your user name and a few words about your pet too.

This week we’re featuring pets from bestbuds2nu2beck49, and Raye57.

 bestbuds2nu2  -This is a picture of our son David and his Rooster P.Daddy. This chicken was saved by us after he went through a tornado and survived! 


beck49 – This is my darling cat Cali Miranda – Cali because she’s a calico of course and Miranda after Miranda Lambert. My husband is the true original “Ran Fan” and so that became her middle name. She came home in a 12-pack beer box and now (almost 9 year later) weighs in at almost 17 pounds. Her favorite things are golf and treat-treats (both of which my husband indulges her in quite frequently).



Raye57 – This is Cheri – An identical cat, from her mannerisms, and looks/markings, to her eskimo kisses, JUST like my Sherry, I had 20 + yrs, who passed. I found Cheri (really she found me) while down in FL having back surgery in 2008. Cheri too has passed on, but saw me through 3 back surgeries. I never believed in, or really thought about, reincarnation until this experience. Cheri never left my side .. as never did Sherry. Some animals can tell when humans are about to have a stroke (like I did), & other ailments. I was blessed to be reunited w/her .. the same feline, no matter the year. She was a gift returned to me when I needed her most.




17 thoughts on “Players’ Pets Featuring bestbuds2nu2, beck49, and Raye57

  1. GSNAngel –

    TY from me – & Cheri.

    I too have had Calico Cats .. Cali .. so pretty. (Hi Miranda)

    I loved the pic of David w/his Rooster P.Daddy.


  2. Such a great idea. I sent a pic of my dog. Soon I’ll send a pic of my little kitty Mabel. Even if I’m not chosen that’s okay! I love to share pics of my babies! 😉

  3. Our non human child, she is two is truly to understand unconditional love; whether she was naughty and got a lecture or if we stepped out to get the mail as soon as we open that door it is as if we are the most wonderful things in the world and that if you haven’t experienced is true love. By the way she is 2,3 October 8 and an Australian labradoodle; she is beautiful smart kind and sweet and I have severe allergies and have never sneezed or coughed with her; however you must choose carefully a trist with a labradoor and a poodle does not make a Labradoodle; she is 4th generation from Australia and we have met her mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and is the only non human breed that is allergy proof, contrary to the uneducated. FYI did you know they can understand up to a 1000 yes 1000 words, their hearing is up to 100 times ours and many don’t like fireworks and thunder probably because it hurts their ears. Pay attention because they deserve it.

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