12 thoughts on “Play Deal or No Deal Slots for 100 Oodles

    • Hi Betty, You can find all of our games here. You can play Wheel of Fortune and Deal or No Deal for free under Cash Games. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the game page to find the practice tournaments.

  1. hi angel do you know anything about the daily break from yesterday I only got 300 oodles from it I was susposed to get 600 oodles does player services know that ?

    • Hi, the credits were done in two groups of 300 Oodles each. The second credit was just finished so you should have it now.

  2. This promotion was better than the 500 spins of Wheel of Fortune Slots promo last week. I know that it was spin 100 times for 100 oodles but repeatable up to five times. So it pretty much says 500 spins for 500 oodles per day which is a bit much for me.

  3. Thanks for explaining about crediting 300 oodles twice for Daily Break.

    PS. NO WAY Austin, can NEVER have too many oodles Promos- keep ’em coming Angel! 😀 I’m in

  4. I take back what I said earlier buffalo slots is great ! ! but I still think 100 spins is a lot for just 50 oodles of course you can t see my earlier message b/c you took down leave a reply

      • Comments are closed on the American Buffalo Slots so we are unable to leave comments about the current promo. I think that’s what they are referring to. I absolutely agree that 100 spins for only 50 oodles is NOT enough. Especially when there is no auto-spin. But for those who say that you can’t keep track of your spins, open gsn in another window and click on My GSN. You can keep track of how many spins you’ve done there. By the way, while I’m at it, all of the newest slots games have no auto-spin and I hate that. It makes playing them very slow and tedious.

        • I’m sorry, I’m not sure why comments were closed. I re-enabled them. Thank you for your feedback Mary, I’ll pass it along.

  5. Thanks for passing it on – I think it’s way too many spins with no auto-spin. We have no way to keep track of what’s been spun so far. I spun for over a half an hour and it was 99 spins 🙁

  6. Hi!
    Isn’t there a few ways to check spin progress?? One is to go to my GSN where they offer all the fun promotions. It shows a running total after a refresh page a time or two. And guess one other is to open another window/page and bring up GSN.com.
    Good luck fun

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