14 thoughts on “Daily Break Credit for Aug 5

  1. Not that it matters much, but I have the title of yesterday’s game as “Off-Campus Housing 101.” I was a bit confused when I first read this post because of that. Furthermore, I don’t check my credit history until the 48 hours have passed but I notice I did receive both credits (and with “Rental 101” in the second listing). Thanks for the heads up!
    Happy oodling! 😎

  2. 8/6/2014
    5:16 am Daily Break Challenge – August 05 75 293,152

    I played this and only got the 75 help If you played the “Rental 101″ Daily Break yesterday and were only credited 75 Oodles instead of 300 Oodles this morning, you will be getting an additional 225 Oodles by 2pm ET today.
    I do not have credit for this

  3. 300 Oodles, wow. Thank you. GSN Angel, I am still having a slight problem with my email. I sent some really, really cute pictures of Lucy. Please check them out!

    I really appreciate all the help. This groomer was so nice and so much better!

      • OH GOOD. GSNAngel. I hope that I did not send too many! If I did, then chalk that up to inexperience. I still have more very adorable ones – but I do not want to send too many. Please let me know if I should send anymore. Lucy (she types too now) said thank you for all of your help to post her picutre!

        • Of course you didn’t send too many! It was fun having a choice of pictures. The Oodletorial is up, check it out here. (also, check your Oodles account).

  4. Thurs power hours for 100 oodles does it work with GSN wheel of fortune and tiki island and classic seven seven if you set the spinner or is there something I’not doing correctly. In the past I can’t see where I’ve gotten anything for my play of slotswith gsn wheel of fortune, tiki islands, and classic spins if you use spin setter. Now in past can’t see it even if I have play the correct spins or time, have past and I don’t’ always get oodles for my spins during Thursday power hours. Going to try tonight. I just want to no if only reason is because I’m using apple iPad. THANKS Angel

    • Hi Linda, the ipad is not compatible with many of our games because they use flash. If you stick with these three games (click the link), it should work correctly because they are optimized for tablets as well as laptops or desktops. But you’ll probably want to do some test plays to be sure once Power Hours start.

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