Congratulations MMWWordGames, August’s Most Valuable Oodler!

We’re pleased to announce MMWWordGames as August’s MVO. As his player name suggests, he has a fondness for word games. We really enjoyed reading his story, and so will you! Please read on to learn more about him. 

MMWWordGames for MVO (August 2014)

Greetings, fellow GSN players!  My name is Manuel, better known as “Manny”, and I am truly honored…and surprised…to be counted among the Most Valuable Oodlers.  I haven’t made many appearances on the message boards since joining GSN, so I suppose now is as good a time as any to introduce myself.

I was born, raised, and currently live in Columbus, Ohio…and I received my B.A. in Television Production from The Ohio State University, class of 2009.  I currently work as a teaching assistant at Buckeye TV, OSU’s student-run TV station.  I also work on the production of two high school quiz shows here in Columbus:

1) “In The Know” for WOSU-TV

2) “Brain Game” for WBNS-10TV

These are games in which high schools, represented by teams of 4 of their best and brightest students, compete to win either OSU scholarship money (ITK), or grant money for their schools (BG).  For both shows, I recruit the schools, schedule the matches, keep in touch with the advisors of the competing schools (nearly all of whom are teachers at their respective schools), and keep score during the matches.  For ITK in particular, I’m the judge, and I research & write most of the questions.  In fact, the questions I’ve submitted for Oodles Bonus Trivia are questions I’ve actually written for ITK, one of which was used last month…I hope all of you knew that Woodrow Wilson was on the U.S. $100,000 bill.

I’ve loved watching game shows since childhood, and have been writing trivia questions…often with a touch of humor…since I was in elementary school.  I’ve also long dreamed of someday producing a game show where contestants can play for money to pay for college expenses (yes, I’m aware of the former “WinTuition”), something I believe this country could use, considering the $1 trillion we collectively owe in student loans…myself included.  The ability to work on “In The Know”, where some of the best students in Ohio answer my questions for scholarship money…is something I cherish.  Currently, these students play for a share of $22,000 in scholarships each year…I hope to someday produce a show where students like the ones I interact with can play for much more.

As you’ve probably guessed, “MMWWordGames” indicates my particular love of word puzzle games, including “Lingo”, which is among the game shows I would love the chance to play one day…..along with “Scrabble” and “Wheel of Fortune.”  For my fellow “Lingo” players, I have one important tip:  have 2 words prepared for every first letter that appears in the game, and make sure those words use a total of at least 4 different vowels.  For example, my first 2 guesses for “P” are “PIOUS” and “PLATE”; and for S, I use “SUITE” and “SOLAR”…all 5 vowels are used in these cases.  Eliminating the vowels early on will very quickly narrow down the possibilities, allowing you to (usually) figure out the word in 3 or 4 guesses.  This tip can also be found in the GSN documentary “The Insider’s Guide to Winning Game Show Millions”…hosted by Chuck Woolery, as I recall.

Before I close, I’d like to acknowledge GSN Angel.  My first time speaking to her was when she E-mailed me to let me know I was selected to be the August MVO…but I’ve been watching her work on the GSN message boards.  I told her that her work seems very similar to part of my work for ITK and BG, in which I resolve questions and issues raised by the advisors of the competing schools…similar to how GSN Angel resolves questions and issues raised by my fellow GSN users.  However, while I deal with dozens of people each school year, she deals with thousands, if not millions…and she does it efficiently and gracefully.  I’m glad to see that her work is so greatly appreciated.

Many thanks to GSN Angel and The Oodles Team for the MVO honors.  Happy gaming to all!

19 thoughts on “Congratulations MMWWordGames, August’s Most Valuable Oodler!

  1. As a fellow Most Valuable Oodler myself in April 2013, Congratulations MMWWordGames! I loved reading your story. It was very interesting, and just a fantastic read.

    I’ve been a fan of game shows since I was 9 years old, and I’ve always thought that working on a game show would be fun. Researching questions, and writing them. I’ve always been a fan of trivia game shows, as well as even word games. Something we can play along with.

    Those are some interesting shows you have put together. I’m impressed. Very much so. Congratulations and good luck to your long success. 🙂

  2. congrats to you, I think in some things we make our own success. It is obvious that with your talents and interests you will always be successful. For you to get to work in a field that uses these talents and interest is just icing on the cake.

    I am so happy for you, Congrats again, Cathy Roberts

  3. O – H . . . 😛 YAY! A fellow Ohioan! Go Bucks! And much congratulations on your selection as MVO for the month! You appear to be living your dream, as in, “what you wanna be when you grow up.” 😀 That’s wonderful news. I’m still trying to find my niche in this world and will look to your story as inspiration. Thank you for sharing! And, again, congrats on being our MVO for August (my birth month)! 😀 😎

  4. Congratulations MMWWordGames for being named Aug MVO !
    You sound very grounded, busy and focused!
    Those students are so lucky to have a very talented person such as yourself in their corner affording opportunities for scholarships.
    It is sad that the cost of education is so high and follows you long after the last bell has rung.
    I wish you much success in your dream of someday producing a show where students can play for much more.
    Enjoy that shiny (awesome) golden Oodle and may it bring you much more luck !
    ….from March’s 2014 MVO

  5. Congratulations MMWWORDGAMES! Welcome to the MVO club! I have seen your screen name on the Wheel of Fortune leaderboard and it’s great seeing a familiar name as the newest MVO. I always like to check the standing on the leaderboards and see how my competition is doing; how about you? Enjoy your time representing the GSN gaming community and have lots of fun playing the games.

    ps. thank you for the Lingo tip

  6. Hey Manny

    Congrats on being Honored as GSN’s Most Valuable Oodler for August. I’d like to welcome you to Our MVO Club. I also remember the surprise and thrill of receiving the email from Our Dear Angel telling me I was selected to be GSN’s MVO. As well as, so excited when my Golden Oodle arrived in the mail, which made it real. I agree with you, Angel’s such a sweetheart and we’re all Blessed to have her looking out for us and of course, a part of our GSN Family.

    I hope your dream of producing a game show where college students can play to earn money to help pay for college expenses. I know what it’s like having to pay off college loans once I graduated and believe this is a wonderful idea to assist college students with this. I admire you for this and do hope your dream comes true.

    If y’all are ever in Tampa, Florida, look me up, I’d be happy to show you the Super Secret MVO Handshake, 🙂

    Congrats Again My GSN Friend and Now Fellow Most Valuable Oodler

  7. Congratulations Manny. I see your screen name regularly on top of the leaderboard for one of my favorite games, Spliterature, with scores that nobody else can seem to come close to achieving.

  8. congrats On being July’s mvo. I love word games too. not as good as you are though. wouldn’t you like to see scrabble on gsn. i would.

  9. Congratulations Manny on being selected as August MVO!! I too use the same rule when playing Lingo. Eliminating vowels really raises your score. Your story has been one that’s very heartwarming to listen to. Congratulations in all your success thus far and blessings for all your dreams to come true in the future!

  10. What an inspirational story, Manny! GSN did a wonderful job selecting you to be their representative for the month of August.
    Thank you for your game tips and enjoy your MVO month!

  11. Congratulation Manny ~ aka …MMWWordGames On Your MVO For August ! That Golden Oodle Is So Shiny ….That You May Need Sunglasses …lol You Are A Blessing To Those Students ! Good Luck On Your Pursuit To Host Your Own T.V. Game Show….No Doubt With Your Drive And Spirit That This Too Shall Happen ! Maybe I Can Be A Contestant On Your T.V. Game Show…..I Was MVO In November Of 2013….I Love My Bling……..Enjoy Your Golden Oodle…God Bless !!!


  13. Manny is happy! I like the tone of this article. I follow twitter feeds like @MERITgoodness that gives away scholarships and hold workshops for college bound students in Detroit through the purchase of fashionable clothing. The idea of funding education through a game show is great.

  14. Manny, Hi there from a fellow LINGO player. Belated congratulations on your recognition! I have been trying to raise my LINGO scores, although I seem to be stuck around the 16,000 ceiling if all goes right.

    I see a handful of players, including you, who hit the 22-24,000 level on a regular basis. Well, I spent some time analyzing how to get similar high scores, but I am stuck on the “mechanics” of doing so. It seems that 8,000 points would be a very high ceiling for the first round, if all were guessed in one or two tries, in @ 30 seconds. Then, scoring a “BINGO LINGO” would add 1,000 more points, upping the score to 9,000.

    Thus, in the last 60-second round, it would take 14,000 more points, or about 15 correct answers at 900 points each. One every four seconds — can it be? So, I’m wondering where my numbers are off. Or, are there other factors — perhaps extra points for unnamed bonuses or game glitches?

    I hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, zenflo

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