We Pledge 50,000 Tokens!

Shoot those fireworks and celebrate the red, white, and blue with the NEW Video Bingo Deluxe: Liberty Launch. Score 10,000 Tokens and 100 Oodles each day when you play 5 games from 7/7-7/11. More details on My GSN.



NOTE: The Game Developers are aware of the issue with the fireworks you collected not crediting Tokens in the mini-game (Philadelphia/Yankee Doodle/Lucky Coins part). This will be resolved soon, and everyone credited. 

31 thoughts on “We Pledge 50,000 Tokens!

    • Hi Vesta – you can earn them by watching the “Rocket Meter” near the top of the Video Bingo game. You’ll earn 1 per daub, 3 per Prize Balls, and 26 for every Bingo. Keep playing and you’ll see you’re collecting fireworks as you daub and call bingo. 🙂

  1. have completed all phases on the video bingo shoot the fireworks and still have not been awarded any of the tokens

    • Hi Rodney – you’ll want to contact our Player Services folks. Look for the “GSN Help” link at the top center of the home page. They’ll be able to work with you on finding a solution. 🙂

  2. I didn’t knot that wheel counted your spins. The last time it had to be reset when you played the wheel. That’s why I haven’t played until the holiday and saw they were giving oodles for spins. Over 4th of July I played sevens, video bingo, and wheel of fortune. I’m not sure how many oodles I missed receiving. I’ve looked at wagers and oodles and I don’t think I’ve received oodles for all of my spins.

  3. I keep trying to play the Daily Break and keep getting this…content unavailable.Please try again later.Is anyone else having this problem?

  4. angel I played all the bingo games and I played all the way through all d won the 1,000,000.00 but what is everyone talking about the fireworks but I only got fireworks and when I paid for it to get help to get tokens also and a lot of the extra win I won were very often I paid but got nothing and a lot of the time when I played the firework up top did not give me change the rocket sometimes at all credit. also while I am onI playing games I try real hard to win oodles and I fell like a lot of the clients doesn’t get cash award because we cannot afford to buy a mobile np-hone and I do not feel like it is wrong to punish and we can not earn awards in cash game with out putting money up to play and it is like toy chest I put money in and I look at my reward amount and got nothing and the money I won was gone on leaderboard and it not fair because a lot of the older people can not get reward point because we can not keep putting money to play so we are no9t able to win anything any more. thanks for all your help. also did they stop the bonus question on gsn where we look to see if we have a game we can play? thnakis

    • Hi Loveless6,

      I’m so sorry – I don’t understand the issue. It sounds like you have a few complaints. The best thing to do is to break out your thoughts into separate sentences, each sentence addressing one complaint, and send them to our Player Services folks. Hope that helps! 🙂


  5. thank you for the quick turnaround crediting tokens owed in Liberty BINGO. You might want to let other players know that they need to log back into the Video BINGO to have their credits register. I just found this out by logging in to the game.

  6. Video Deluxe Bingo – I have yet to have the “mini game” appear…is this what is to be fixed? tysvm

    • Hi Mapleleafcookie,

      Make sure you’re clicking the little “Star” near the arrow meter. That will take you into the Mini Game. Hope that helps!


  7. This is the first day that I played. I was credited all of the Tokens and Oodles fairly soon after playing the five games and blowing up the fireworks. By the way, the fire works graphics are a lot of fun. Thanks GSN and Scoop for the extra tokens and Oodles.

  8. I have tried to play “Daily Break” numerous times. I see that you posted to Cindy that it is fixed. On my end it is not fixed. It keeps on saying “building challenge”.Also how do I know how many tokes I have one by playing Video Bingo Deluxe Liberty I am already up to over 100 rockets.

  9. Liberty Bingo is fun and all BUT, I keep getting the same items over and over and over. OR, no prize at all. Bingos are almost none at all either, somethings not fair here…..thanks

    • Hi Jeanette,

      Sorry you feel that way. You will likely get a lot of repeats when you go to the “Launch Fireworks” section, but you will eventually get all the collectibles. Bingo is a game of chance… it can be frustrating when you don’t get the numbers you need to get a bingo, but that’s how the game works. 🙂

  10. Hi,

    I played the Video Bingo Deluxe and the first game I played (4th of July version I think it was), it showed me the map to reaching 1,000,000 tokens. After that, it never took me there again and I never received any tokens for each destination reached or the 1,000,000 tokens for reaching the end of the game. I thought that the firework problem was regarding this but I never had any tokens credited and I think the firework problem if for the current Video Bingo Deluxe game?
    Please help. I would have played even more but since I was not being credited for each destination, I ended up getting very low on tokens.

    Linda 🙂

    • Hi Linda,

      The best way to get help for situations like this is through our Player Services department. You can do that by clicking the GSN Help link at the top of the homepage. 🙂

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