Token Sale That’s Out Of This World!

We have an eyewitness report: There’s a confirmed sale on site! Celebrate World UFO Day while you can and score 75% MORE Tokens. Just click here. Beam them up before midnight ET. 

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For more World UFO Day fun, go to Players’ Corner  for a fun video on how to make Alien Invasion cupcakes


8 thoughts on “Token Sale That’s Out Of This World!

  1. I think the trivia question from this morning doesnt include the correct answer. “Which of the following area codes is dialed to phone a ship at sea in the Atlantic? ”
    870 is Little Rock Arkansas area.
    111 doesnt exist
    305 is Miami
    732 is New Jersey

  2. Angel,
    I don’t know what to do about one of today’s trivia questions. The question asks what area code do you use to call a ship at sea in the Atlantic Ocean and gives you the four choices of 870, 111, 305, and 732. I looked this up and 871 is the area code to dial a ship at sea in the Atlantic Ocean and it’s not one of the choices. Here’s a breakdown:
    111-not an area code
    732-New Jersey
    So, do i just pick any answer knowing it will be wrong, then write to player services for credit or what?

    • Hi, In 2009, a single maritime area code (870) replaced the earlier regional ocean codes (871 through 874). 870 is the correct answer.

      • I guess i didn’t research enough. I imagine there must be some other numbers that have to be used when dialing a ship at sea since area code 870 is listed for Arkansas.
        Thank you Angel

        • To be fair, the question is harder than we even realized. We try to avoid those but sometimes inadvertently create one.

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