Today Only: Score Entries to share $5,000 and 25 Million Tokens

Interested in sharing $5,000 and 25 million Tokens? Purchase Tokens today and you can score entries into our Ca$h and Token Sweepstakes!

Redeem the Promo Code JULY31DEAL and purchase a Token package today for a chance to share $5,000PLUS for every $20 you spend, you’ll get a chance to share 25 million Tokens.


Remember, you must redeem the Promo Code JULY31DEAL before making a Tokens purchase, otherwise there is no way to track you and award your entries. So:

1. Enter promo code JULY31DEAL on My GSN
2. Purchase Tokens here.

Hurry – these July sweepstakes close at midnight ET.


8 thoughts on “Today Only: Score Entries to share $5,000 and 25 Million Tokens

  1. Hi Angel ! I just wanted to point out that in this post it states 1. Enter promo code JULY31DEA on MY GSN.
    Just wanted to let you know in case some people see that and try to enter it as the promo instead of JULY31DEAL.

    Have a great day Angel !

  2. Morning Oodle Team, Just a question, the promo states to be eligible one has to purchase $20.00 of tokens. So I purchased a $19.99 & a $1.99, would this be meet the required purchases for this promo? Thank You for your assistance.

  3. Angel: I understood when people complained about the hours on the Thursday power hours, and it was changed to 9pm to 2am. Okay, fine, but when will it change back to accomodate the rest of us. I am only getting to play 2 times instead of 5 times. Would like to see it change about for all of us. Thanks.

    • Hi sugarbutters, the marketing team told me we plan on staying with these hours when I asked. It’s getting the best turnout of the times they tested. I do keep sending requests on to them when people ask for different hours.

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