Oodle-Tutorial: Video Bingo Deluxe: Liberty Launch

GSN Scoop has kindly made us a tutorial for Video Bingo Deluxe: Liberty Launch!  Check it out. I *think* the badges are only on the Facebook version of the game, even though it mentions them in the video. 


NOTE: The Game Developers are aware of the issue with the fireworks you collected not crediting Tokens in the mini-game (Philadelphia/Yankee Doodle/Lucky Coins part). This will be resolved early next week, and everyone credited. There’s no need to contact Player Services if you haven’t already. 

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29 thoughts on “Oodle-Tutorial: Video Bingo Deluxe: Liberty Launch

  1. In addition to not being credited as above, I have gotten the pretzel and one other piece twice. How is that supposed to work???

    • Hi LuckyPatsyCake,

      That’s actually how the game works. You’ll shoot fireworks to earn collectibles, but some of those collectibles will be repeats of ones you already have. Hope that helps!

        • Hi Lucky,

          There are a total of three sets… you get 250K for the first, 500K for the second and for the third, a cool million (yes, we’ve gauged the temperature, and it falls within the range of “cool”). You can’t, however, re-win these. Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. Part two of the Freedom Trail…
    I like it ! Wahoo … Rockets away…………..
    Thanks for the Tutorial GsnScoop .

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering when we get our credit for the tokens we didn’t receive while playing mini games in bingo,how will they know the amount of credit that should be credit for our loss? Yesterday one of my rockets showed 5000 tokens that I won and it didn’t get credit for it.
    Thank you for your time…]-)

    • Hi Stargaze,

      You’ll want to look towards the top of the homepage and look for the “GSN Help” link. From there, you can contact our Player Services team about this issue. 🙂

    • Hi Marilyn,

      The map was part of last month’s Video Bingo game. This month it’s all about the fireworks! Just keep playing and you’ll accrue fireworks that you can set off and earn collectibles! 🙂

  4. How long does it take to complete the 3rd level??? I have been playing forever and all I need is the dollar bill and it’s not happening!!!!

  5. I’m on the final level of Liberty Bingo and have been forever….what does it take to finish and win the 1,000,000 tokens?????????

  6. Cathi,
    Sorry to hear you haven’t received the 100 dollar bill yet; i played a lot of bingo and received mine in short order. I do have a suggestion…play all 4 cards if you aren’t already doing that. Best of luck…hope you get your million soon!
    Cindy N.

  7. Where do I find the promo codes,dad’s rock,old,you’s don’t have anymore,and when someone sends me gift,where do I collect.

  8. the liberty rocket launch is part of winning the 4th of july games. i’ve not found any place to show what mine are so far. can someone let me know how to find out? in reading what was posted hit “win” in player service help link could’t find it. play the liberty bingo all the time. thanks, for any help i can get.

  9. i wrongly pushed the button and loss 1600000 tokens from video bingo deluxe. I have immediately stopped the game but this huge amount of token deducted from my account. Is it possible to recover my loss?thanks

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