Oodle to Hawaii Sweepstakes

Brides Entertainment is sponsoring one of our biggest prizes of the year! Enter for a chance to win the ultimate Hawaiian luxury experience in Maui. PLUS you’ll also score: 

~4 nights in an ocean view room & breakfast daily for two at The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua in Maui.
~$2,000 Hotwire travel gift certificate.
~A $500 Visa gift card.
~A Buxton ladies’ handbag, wallet, & RFID passport case.
~A Buxton men’s duffle bag, travel & RFID passport case. 

Don’t let this opportunity go: Enter here before midnight ET 7/21

Receive 1,000 bonus Oodles by registering your GSN email at BridesEntertainment.com



*Oodles will be credited up to 3 business days after the sweepstakes ends.

31 thoughts on “Oodle to Hawaii Sweepstakes

  1. Just wondering how long it takes to get the 1,000 oodles after registering or is there suppose to be another step in the process other than just registering? I signed up and thought it would be automatic. Since it wasnt I thought maybe the site would send me an email with directions. That didnt happen either. Am I missing a step? Thank you

    • Hi Dudley! I see you’re new to the GSN game site so I thought I’d invite you to join us at our GSNFellowOodlersChat.com support forum. We are totally in support of the GSN game site and share tips about the games, post trivia (etc.) answers, discuss oodles and tokens and in general try to help newcomers get the feel of things on the game site. We would love to have you (and everyone else here) come join us and get in on all the things we do there everyday, it’s both fun and informative. 🙂

      • The official rules state *Oodles will be credited 3 business days after the auction ends. I added it to this posting. 🙂


  3. hi I signed up today for it never received my oodles yet does it take a while or is there something else I have to do ( like contact player services ) ?

    • Hi, You should have them for creating an account. If not, please contact our Player Services department by clicking the GSN Help link at the top of the homepage after you log in to your user name.

    • Hi Renee,

      It’s possible. Your best bet is to contact our Player Services team by clicking the GSN Help link at the top of the GSN.com homepage. 🙂

  4. I had to enter this also. Out of every where to travel in the world, Hawaii is the 1 place I would want to go! Thanks for the chance to enter and get oodles for doing it. A win, win!

  5. This looks like great contest. I love to travel to the islands! Good job Scoop and Brides Entertainment. I really appreciate the Oodles and the chance to win a wonderful vacation.

    • Hi Joe,

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to, but if you believe that you are owed some sort of credit, then you’ll want to contact our Player Services department by clicking the GSN Help link at the top of the homepage. 🙂

  6. Hi,
    I signed up with them and have been spammed ever since by multiple sites and did not receive any oodles.

  7. I have never entered sweepstakes or auctions, etc. and do not quite understand them. I read the ‘New to GSN?’ but am still not clear on some things or they did not address some.
    With sweepstakes is it the one that puts in the most oodles, like for the Hawaii trip, 75 x how many ever (it shows 200, so 75 x 200=15,000), then there is a random drawing by pulling a name or number? Is there a way to find out how many other people have put in?
    Then for the auction I know you get your oodles back if you don’t win, minus the entry(?) fee and I think, you put in whatever oodles you want and hope you put in the most because that’s the only way you win it, right? Also, is there a way to find out how much others have put in?
    For Reward Points, you’d need12,500 points for $20.00 and is that to play cash games? Then the only next thing is 37,500 points for a $50 Target Gift Card, unless you want to save for a bigger item. Right?
    Please advise as sometimes I get discouraged and wonder why I keep playing. I don’t plan on playing with money, unless it is like I said in the Reward Points section. Thank you ahead of time for helping me understand better. Carolyn

  8. Im getting married augest 9th I would love to win this cause my fiancw and I dont have a honeymoon planed

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