Meet July’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to  2jellybeans, July’s MVO! She enjoys many of the games on GSN, and we enjoy her cheery presence in our community.  


Please read on to learn more about her:

Hello fellow GSN players!

My name is Cindy and i am your MVO for July

First of all, when i was asked to be July’s MVO, i had to read the email numerous times, staring at it in disbelief. I was so thrilled and consider it quite an honor to be asked, especially since i have been on GSN just a little over a year.

I really enjoy playing the games this site has to offer.

I try to stick to Wheel of Fortune and Catch 21 while trying to climb the leaderboards. My tip for Wheel of Fortune is picking a letter i don’t think is in the puzzle when i have landed on a low dollar wedge; and if i get the $700-2500 wedges, get as many of the regular letters (r s t n l e) turned as i can and solving before hitting a bankrupt wedge.

I really don’t have a tip for Catch 21, i just play it because i like cards.

In the casino games, Ghostbusters is my all time favorite; that ghost is sneaky, but it’s a blast getting slimed!

Besides playing games on GSN, i have become a follower of bald eagle cams since a pair of bald eagles decided to make a home here in our Hays section of Pittsburgh.

Lastly, i want to say the whole GSN team is fantastic. They do everything possible to make playing on this site a great experience. A heartfelt thanks to our Angel; she’s always there to answer our questions and help us in anyway she can. This is why her favorite game on GSN is the reply button according to GSN Scoop.

Hope everyone has a great summer and best of luck on Chachingo Bingo!

67 thoughts on “Meet July’s Most Valuable Oodler

  1. Congrats Cindy! Pretty picture. I love the Pittsburgh area, I love the Pittsburgh sports teams to. My dad grew up there so i fell in love with Pittsburgh through him. I’d love to get outta California anf live there. I love seeing Pittsburgh when I’m watching the Pirates, so beautiful.

    • Thank you Robert…Do you want to trade places? lol
      I always loved California and it was my dream to live there when i was younger; but now that i’m older, i think it’s a little harder putting down new roots across country. Pittsburgh is a great city and i hope you’re able to visit someday. Take my advice and come during warm weather; our winters can be really cold and snowy.

  2. Congrats to Cindy. I like playing gsn and find them so great at helping you get a problem solved. They do a great job and angel is so nice to listen and help with answering your questions. Have a happy July 4th!!!

  3. Hi, congratulations. I’m responding, because my sister & her family used to live in “Corey”. It’s not much of a tip, but when playing Catch 21, I try to have different amounts left, such as 15, 13, 19 to give me more options. You probably do that, too.

    • Thank you Laurel
      There is a Corey, PA and also a town in this area called Coraopolis which some people refer to as Cory. Which is the one where your sister lived?

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words Cindy. I’ve only recently started playing and having so much fun. It’s a great break at night from the kiddo. ♡

    • Thank you Susan…they say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, but i have a whole month of notoriety…lol
      Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  5. Big CONGRATS on being July’s MVO, Cindy!!! And I wholeheartedly agree with GSNAngel on enjoying your cheery presence here in the community! Hope you have a fun and great oodling month! 🙂


  6. Congrats to you. I am very happy for you. I lived in Allentown, and Copley town when I was turning from 20 to 21 some of the most fun I ever had.

    Congrats again, Cathy

    • Thank you Cathy; i know where Allentown is, but have never of Copley. I will have to look it up. Enjoy your time on GSN.

    • Thank you Incucrash…I’m having a great month and i still feel tickled pink on being chosen to be a mvo.
      Thanks for sharing about the support board; i will check that out.

      • A Huge Congrats to you! Also, I have checked out that website and they have a lot of tips and tricks for the game! Enjoy July! I live in Central PA! I have visited friends in Pittsburgh and just loved the city! It’s nothing like Philly! I never got lost in Pittsburgh! Do you remember the old rivalry between Pitt and Penn State? Really miss those days! Again, Congrats! Your fellow oodler, Pam

  7. WAY TO GO Miss Cindy! I watched those eagles on Hays web cam too, then I found the interactive cam site, my name there is oodlesqueen, lol. We shared the info & progress on gsnfellowoodlerschat, along with the GSN info.
    I loved the feeding frenzy video, amazing.

    • Thank you Vee…OMGosh, i think i saw the name oodlesqueen one time when i was on the Hays Bald Eagle chat…it sure is a small world!
      Now that the eaglets have fledged, i’m not on there as much, but maybe i’ll catch you when the eagles have the next brood.

      ps I’m hoping you (and all of us that never experienced it) get that double oodles day you have been longing for!

  8. CONGRATULATION Cindy, that is just awesome and hope you had a GREAT day when you received your reward! keep on gaming!! 🙂

  9. Congratulations on being MVO for July !
    Enjoy that Golden Oodle .
    May it bring you much luck in all your games!

  10. Congratulations Cindy! This is what I love about GSN. Instead of being some faceless entity we are able to meet the wonderful of the community. Welcome to GSN even though you’ve already been here a while, and I hope you continue having fun oodling and climbing the leader boards there seems to be lots of new games rolling out lately. Thanks for mentioning you enjoy bald eagle cams, I’m a lover of wildlife too!

  11. Congratulations MVO ! I love playing all the GSN slot games. Favorite is Wheel of Fortune. I also followed the bald eagles web cam. It was exciting watching them grow and finally leave the nest.

    • Thank you Bill..i have alot of fun playing the games here.
      I am now checking out other bald eagle cams…i miss not seeing our eaglets that much.
      Have a good time with Wheel of Fortune and hope you win big!

  12. Congratulations, Cindy on being elected July MVO. From reading your story and noticing you respond to all the comments sent in you’re obviously very deserving; because the golden oodle makes such a great conversation piece you should show it to everyone you know; I’ve also watched eagles on a couple eagle cams in the past- the Decorah, Iowa eagle nest and Duke Farms Eagle Cam in Hillsborough, NJ- both are on; Enjoy your stardom!!

    • Thanks jAjBO, i am now trying to think of a clever way to display my golden oodle. I’m finding other bald eagle cams to view, now that our’s have fledged. Was heartbreaking to hear of some of the tragedies with eaglets this year.
      Enjoy your time playing the games.

  13. Hi Cindy

    A Belated But, Big Congrats and Welcome to our MVO Club. I’d be happy to teach you the Super Secret MVO Handshake, however, y’all have to come Tampa for me to teach you, LOL.

    Y’all are such a sweet person and so deserving of the honor of being the newest member of the Most Valuable Oodler Club.

    Take Good Care My Dear GSN Friend

    • Zekester, thank you so much; what a nice thing to say.
      Guess i will have to wait until you travel north to show me the secret handshake.
      I will give you a travel tip….our summers are better than the winters; now is the time, so come on up, ya hear?
      Take care Zeke and play on!

  14. Congratulation Cindy ~ On Being Selected MVP For July ~ I Won It In November 2013 The Golden Oodle Is
    ~ Pretty Cool And Shiny Don`t You Think !

  15. Cindy , Congrats on being the MVO of July, I am so sorry that I didn’t write sooner. Enjoy the rest of the month. Karen

  16. Along with all the other GSNers, I’m so happy to read that you’re the July MVO! Enjoy your golden oodle and have a great month!

    • Thank you kkglock; I’m enjoying being MVO and the shiny golden oodle. Hope the rest of your month is great too.

  17. You are a very beautiful and lucky woman! I just love the long gray hair. Hope you have fun at this and good luck!!!!!!!!! Well you’ve already had it lol, but keep it up!

    • Thank you Tina, what a nice compliment. I really like playing the games on this site and hope you do too. I hope lots of oodles are coming your way. Enjoy!

  18. Congrats on your MVO. Did they just pick you or did you have to win a certain amount of oodles every day ? By the way jellybeans are my favorite candy. I always keep a jar of them around to snack on.

  19. Thank you Bob. Yes, i was selected then extended the invitation to be MVO and i accepted. It’s a great honor to represent the GSN gaming community. I hope everyone gets to be an MVO at some point. Have fun playing all of the games and hope you win lots of oodles.

    ps. my favorite jellybeans are the red and black ones…yummy

  20. Dear oodles team and GSN players,

    Alas, my time for being MVO has come to an end. Well, almost, i still have about 7 hours….lol. I enjoyed every minute of being MVO and representing the GSN community. Once again, a big thank you to Angel and the oodles team for selecting me to be July’s MVO. I’m looking forward to welcoming the August MVO. Have fun playing all the games my friends and may you win lots of oodles.


    • You’re welcome Cindy! I love the MVO program, and learning about our Players. Also, we welcome any nominations for MVO. You can even nominate yourself. Just drop me an email and tell us a little bit about the person you think would be good. My address is on the front page of Player News. 🙂

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