Daily Break Down Tuesday Afternoon

DailybreakWe apologize. The Daily Break is experiencing loading issues this afternoon and has been temporarily disabled due to loading issues. 

We will re-enable Daily Break once we receive confirmation from the Daily Break site the issue has been resolved, so please keep checking back. Thank you for your patience!

19 thoughts on “Daily Break Down Tuesday Afternoon

  1. I know this is not related to the daily break, but not sure where else to post this. What happened to the 10 rewards points bonus for signing in each day? It has gone missing the last two days. Is this over?

    • Hi, Player Services checked your account and said you’ve been getting your daily credit. Go to Cash Games > My Account > Rewards tab > Rewards Statement link to view.

  2. I played the Daily Break 7/29 in the morning, I guess before there was a problem, but was not credited for it today. It’s also not working today 7/30.

    • Yes, the Daily Break may have issues with their reports. Once the issues have been resolved, everyone will be credited as usual from Tuesday.

  3. Hi Angel !
    I hate to bother you because i can see by looking at player news that daily break is still disabled this morning, but i completed mine yesterday before any problems developed and i didn’t receive my 75 oodles today. Will i receive my credit after the issues are resolved?

    • Yes, the Daily Break may have had their reports. Once the issues have been resolved, everyone will be credited as usual from Tuesday.

  4. Thanks for the Bonus Code for Oodles–like you have control over Daily Break–I’m on your side! Keep up the good work–RoylovesCynthia —GSN fan–

  5. The Daily Break was down every time I checked it yesterday so I never got to play it. Will I still get the 75 Oodles?

      • I was just about to post a question about a credit for yesterday as I never go to play it, either. . . . Glad to hear it’s being considered! Thanks Angel!
        Happy oodling! 😀

  6. Hi Angel Hon

    Thanks for the Sorry 150 Oodles, appreciate it. Hope they get issues fixed soon, enjoy playing Daily Break, learn a lot from it.

    Off subject, Do y’all still receive 1,000 Oodles when your OBT question is used. Mine was used about a week ago and haven’t seen a credit in my Oodles History.

    Take Good Care My Dear Angel

    • You’re welcome! I checked your transactions and I credited you on 7/16/2014. It says:
      5:50 pm Member Created Oodles Bonus Trivia Question. I usually credit the Wednesday following the week member questions were used.

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