Daily Break Back Up & Another Promo Code!

DailybreakThe Daily Break was temporarily disabled yesterday, but it’s back up again! Please let us know if you have an issues. 

For the inconvenience, please accept this 75 Oodles promo code 4BREAK. It can be redeemed one time on My GSN. Available through 8/1 so redeem soon. 

8 thoughts on “Daily Break Back Up & Another Promo Code!

  1. work good thanks again. Hope that we can get some more new games. Love this site it very good and relax me a lot. Thanks again.

  2. It’s nice that Daily Break is back, but the first question answer is wrong unless the system allows two correct answers! Both strawberries and raspberries are not true berries, but rather are aggregate fruits formed from multiple ovaries of a single flower.

    • I’m sorry Lodave, we have no control over their content. But, right or wrong you’ll still get your Oodles! (and BTW, that’s fascinating, I didn’t know that about either. Just that they’re both delicious!)

  3. This is Thursday, and my daily break is completely missing from my toodoodles. does this mean we won’t be getting daily break anymore?

  4. Thanks once again for the free Oodles for the troubles of the Daily break site…hope they treat the GSN team well

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