Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – blueiz4Lakers

Pam (1)Congratulations blueiz4Lakers!  We love hearing from our players, and here’s the heartwarming story she told us:

Soon my daughter and I will be joining a team from BeyondTheWalls.org on a humanitarian mission to work in the Guatemala City Dump. 11,000 people reside, eat, sleep, and work in the DUMP. There is no form of government assistance for these treasured souls so we go in and build houses, take the kids to classes, play games, run a medical clinic, and try to improve things, one person, one family at a time. I will use my winnings to fill little goodie bags for the 100’s of children who swarm us with smiles as we enter the dump to trudge through the filth to our work site each day. The kids may not speak English, and my Spanish is pitiful, but we all speak the language of HUGS!

We have a feeling she’ll give terrific hugs! We wish her the best. What would you do with $250? Enter now for a chance to win some cash!


Pam DeLitta

3 thoughts on “Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – blueiz4Lakers

  1. Congratulations on your win. What a truly inspiring story you have shared. I remember reading an article in R.Digest about the garbage dump lost souls. Where they live amongst the garbage and eek out a menial living rummaging for anything sell able. It stated “they” wanted to close or block off access. Thereby cutting off a way to survive.
    I wish you, your daughter and your fellow humanitarians safe travels.

  2. My Dear blueiz4Lakers

    Congrats on winning the $250.00 Sweeps. It nice to see a person like you won.

    Bless you and your daughter for your involvement with BeyondTheWalls.org and mission to work in Guatemala’s City Dump. I doubt many people would do what you and her are willing to do to help others. However, it’s people like you that makes the world a better place.

    Take Good Care of Yourselves, Please Be Safe and God Bless

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