30 thoughts on “Today’s Daily Break is Worth 300 Oodles!

  1. For the past 15 years ,since I have been home on disability,I run a Summer Lunch Program for the kids in my community,It gives me a great feeling inside to know that I make a differance in the childrens daily lives, During school they get a lunch, but so many children lack that during the summer months,so I felt the urge to do something to help, .It truely does my heart good,and I wish there was more that I could do to help out

  2. I’m a volunteer with the local Democratic Party. I’m sort of limited in my mobility, but I can get to the monthly pancake breakfast meetings, and help to staff the Democrats’ booth at Tracy’s Fourth of July events. Just part of my service as a bleeding heart liberal.
    You’re welcome.

  3. I played the Daily Break for 300 oodles. At the end it said to play here for 300 here for 300 more. It never loaded.

    • It’s my understanding if you’ve already played a 300 second one, it won’t allow you to play again. Otherwise, you could try a different browser or refreshing the page.

      • Maybe I was unclear. I played the Daily Break and completed it for 300 oodles. At the end of the game it said, Bonus: Play this challenge for 300 more oodles and it is sponsored by Delight Iced Coffee. I clicked on and it didn’t load. I’ve come back to it several times today and the problem still exists.

          • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

        • Hmm. I’m not sure why it would do that then if you’ve never played the Delight Iced Coffee before! If you have not already, please contact Player Services and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  4. I taught Sunday School to underprivileged children. As a Sunday School teacher – I fed my children and organized a food drive to stock their pantries with healthy foods. I have a cream colored poodle, named Lucy, that goes to our local hospital to visit sick children. She also loves to go retirement homes to visit people at the home. I love this section about helping others. We need to help people here in our own country right now ! This is why I love GSN! They help everyone.

  5. My Mother and I buy towels, laundry detergent and cotton balls throughout the year and then donate the items to an animal hospital that spays and neuters pets for people on a limited budget…..the more pets you have fixed, the cheaper the price…..it is a great charitable cause. And I also didn’t know that Israel gave back to the USA, nor that they had so many great causes……Yayy Israel!!!

  6. I volunteer my time to take older adults to appointments and shopping etc, since many of them have lost a spouse and or they cannot drive anymore. They are soooo thankful!

  7. Besides the animal shelter……
    I donate items and/or monies to various help centers/charities … one of them being abused women and children center which has recently expanded (changed it’s name ) to include men. We mostly think of women but men also are on the end of abuse.
    I too was shocked to see just how much Israel is involved in charitable helping.

  8. I too, do the gifts for under privileged children in our community. Donated crocheted booties, slippers and socks to local Nursing Homes and Now I’m making dolls and stuffed toys for the Angel tree and for children that are going through a tough time for that hug they need in time of fire, accidents, abusive situations and separation from parents. Hopefully this will be a little something to brighten a sad, scary or hard time..

  9. Not today I haven’t as I spent most of it at the hospital in pain. However, even though I had a lumbar pain block and was a little loopy as my husband would say, I still tried to bring a little sunshine to others by smiling and saying hi on the bus and in the hospital as we were leaving to come home.

    It doesn’t matter how much pain a person is in, we should always make time for the other person, you never know if they are in more pain of a deeper kind!

  10. Daily Break is a little lame now. It used to be a little more fun/interesting. Now its just a handful of ?’s every day. What gives?

    • Hi kirsten, GSN doe snot create the Daily Break. It’s provided through a third party. I hope you find it more interesting again soon. 🙂

  11. I volunteer, with a community shares organization; 16 groups working together to create a better community. Some of the sevices the groups provide are: help to people who can’t paying for spade & neuter; help the LGBT people who have been bullied and/or kicked off of their house; find foster care and adoptive families; train and provide service dogs to veterans and children with disabilities.
    22 other states have these types of organizations.

  12. My church has a ‘healthy family dinner’ program. We offer a simple menu one day each week, engaging inner-city families in conversation, over dinner, about eating habits and inexpensive nutritional choices.

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