Thursday Power Hours

Reminder – Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET Thursday to 2am ET Friday. Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles. Details on My GSN after 9pm ET.



16 thoughts on “Thursday Power Hours

  1. Are you going to go back to an earlier time for those of us in the east? It seems like this 9 to 2am has been going on for a couple of months now. Also is there any chance of the double oodles day for the “wheel” games or is that a dead issue?


    • Hi Laskey – These are things we’ll pass along to the folks here who create these opportunities. 🙂 I’ll pass along the message.

    • My Dear GSNScoop and/or GSNAngel

      I’d also like to add my two cents worth on changing Powers Hours back to its original earlier time slot. Not all of us can stay up that late, or that early in the AM. Or at the least, mix the time slots up a bit.

      Take Good Care My GSN Friends

  2. GSNScoop, I apologize for being off topic here, but I was wondering if you could tell me how one goes about submitting questions for the Oodles Bonus Trivia.

    • Hi Doubleduece – I apologize for not having the answer. I’m guessing this is something you’d submit to GSNAngel ( However, I don’t want to speak for her. Well, actually I do. “Hi everyone, Angel here! I want you to heap praise upon GSN Scoop, even if he can’t answer all the questions in my absence. Also, I enjoy eating cat food straight out of the bag!” Wow. That was fun. I think I’ll start speaking for GSN Angel all the time. “I also like making my own dominoes by punching holes in lunch meat with a hole puncher!” Dang, Angel! That’s crazy! 😉

      • LOL You’re a riot Scoop! Too funny! lol But you do know she’s gonna get you for that cat food remark when she gets back, don’t you? So I hope you have a fraidy-hole somewhere there, ’cause something tells me you’re gonna need it! lol (BTW, that’s what we a tornado shelter here in my neck of the woods…a fraidy-hole) lol

        • Yup – I would expect nothing less. But, ya know… revenge is not GSN Angel’s strong point. She’ll probably send me a delicious cake, and for revenge, she won’t frost it. 😉

          • Yeah, I would have to agree she’s way to nice to seek revenge, But still in all, I’d check that cake before eating it. lol

            Thanks for playing along Scoop! Good to have you around for few days, We’ve definitely missed your smiling font and, of course, that great sense of humor of yours. 🙂

    • I know in the past there have been requests by GSN for GSNers to submit questions and trivia . . . but that was on the forums. Any word on the “new” forums GSN is allegedly creating for us?

      • Hi Wakedaddy – I know that it’s being looked into, but I don’t have any more info at the moment. We’ll let you know when we know. 🙂

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