Oodletorial: When the Angel is Away… The Scoopster Must Play!

Before GSN Angel left she said “If you can, would you mind doing an Oodletorial?” And of course I said “Sure!” What she didn’t know is that I’m going to use this opportunity to tell everyone GSN Angel’s DEEPEST DARKEST SECRETS!

For instance – Β Did you know if you ask her, she’ll tell you her favorite game on GSN is the “Reply Button” in the Player News? Yup. True story!

Okay…Not true! But, earlier this week I was chatting with Angel who said that lately she’s found that playing some of the slots games has helped with her stress levels… which sort of made me wonder just what you people are doing to her! (Kidding!). Β It did make me think about how many times I’ve heard players discuss how important games are in their lives because they help with stress or they’ve helped them through a difficult time. Games can be more than just fun – they can be healing.

Recently I read an email from a player who was discussing great upheaval in her life – she’d lost her husband, had to move in with her sister, and had a few other things going on that would drive anyone to the brink of insanity. What kept her sane was the occasional moments when she could slip away from her job, and all the issues she was going through, just to spend some time spinning slot wheels or playing bingo.

About 10 years ago, I remember hearing about a doctor who’d performed brain surgery on someone prescribe not just some medications to help with the healing, but he actually prescribed online games as a sort of therapy. The idea is that it would keep the patient actively using his mind during the healing process.

I know way back in the mid-90’s my mother was told by her doctor she *had* to quit smoking as she had the beginning stages of emphysema . But it wasn’t that particular doctor who managed to get her off cigarettes. It was Dr. Mario – a Nintendo game based on the Mario Bros. that did it. I won’t get into how many times I had to find used Nintendo II game controllers at garage sales to replace those she’d worn out, but ultimately, it was worth it. She had a two-pack a day habit and it’s possible Dr. Mario saved her life.

For me, I find if I’ve got some big project, or if I have to learn some new thing in Excel, like I do later today, a few spins of Wheel of Fortune Slots or a round or two of Classic Video PokerΒ help me sort of “reset” my brain so whatever tasks lay ahead seem less daunting. We won’t talk about how Video Bingo Deluxe: Road Trip USAΒ has reduced my productivity this month.

When I was a wee child of 22 I remember being dumped after a long term relationship and thinking that I’d be depressed for the rest of my life. It was the end of my world… she was the only one… nobody had ever felt the heartbreak I was going through… yadda yadda. Thankfully, some friends invited me over for a game of Monopoly, and I had the most fun I could remember having. I didn’t think about her once, and it reminded me that life goes on. In fact, that’s the only night during my 22nd year of life I can remember. I don’t even remember the days I spent with the girl who broke my heart!

Is there a time when a game has lifted your spirits or helped you through a particularly difficult time? Share in the comments!

64 thoughts on “Oodletorial: When the Angel is Away… The Scoopster Must Play!

  1. Nice to meet you scoop. I play gsn games most every day. Have become a bit of a cubis addict. I get to care for my dad, he has dementia and ptsd. He doesn’t leave the house and needs me with him all the time. Mostly just to make sure he eats and things stay calm and orderly. If I spend too much time being busy around the house, he gets terribly nervous and afraid that something is going to happen. So, I do what busy stuff I can while he sleeps and while he’s awake I try to be at the computer, right where he can see me. He was a wonderful father, worked hard his whole life, and proudly served our country in the army. His peace and comfort mean everything to me. I never would have thought that being lazy would be such a challenge, but it really is. Playing your games has totally kept me from going stir crazy. My thanks to all of you for doing what you do.

      • It’s hard to take care of someone else. Your a great person and deserve a break. Actually why don’t they have a day for people who serve others needs. Like family members or friends. They deserve an atta boy too. Way to go. But, sorry to hear about your father. Be good like you are now.

  2. Welcome Scoop!! I have said many times on here that the past 14 months of my life have been crazy. I had a simple tubal surgery gone way wrong. I’m only 36. I almost lost my life twice. I have had 4 surgeries since 3-4-13. I was housebound for the first 8 months. I then discovered GSN. It has been a life saver for me. It does keep my mind off of my health. My last surgery was 3/31. It has been going okay until recently. I believe I have another hernia from surgery. This will be my 3rd. That’s a little of my story. To all of you at GSN! Thank You for helping me keep my mind off everything I’m going thru! Now off to play! πŸ˜‰

    • Wow cclynn! I’m sorry you’ve had to go through so much, and we wish you all the best as you head into your next surgery… sooooo not fun. πŸ™ Glad GSN games help you through! πŸ™‚

  3. The good things about games is you can get lost in them and zone out no matter what you are going through.My aunt used to play board games with us growing up and so the love of games was planted.I love scrabble it makes your brain work.I am thankful for the chance to play games online because its cheap entertainment and fun something to take you far away.

  4. Great Oodletorial. I’m glad I took the time to read it. Kudos!
    I’m swamped w/surveys & sweepstakes (how I contribute to household), bills to pay, etc
    The read gave me a much needed break.

    I’m disabled .. still bedridden. Many strokes, and most recently my 3rd lumbar back surgery in 6 yrs. Numerous other health issues.

    It is sooo true. I eliminate stress by playing the games here, & it most surely keeps my brain functioning. Winning is a perk too, where I feel validated.


    • Thanks for the kind words, and best wishes to you on your health issues! Not easy, but you have the right attitude! πŸ™‚

      • Congratulations to your mom for quitting smoking. That’s a hard one. I know that the games helped her. I think you should be very proud of her. As for the girl dumping you, she lost out big-time. Look at the great job you have at GSN.

    • I just replied to Dennis’ same question. Have a gander a couple replies down. Hope you get to set those cherries on fire.

  5. I am a nursing student. I know that fun and enjoyment help the healing process. The brain releases chemicals that help with pain. The good chemicals also aides in healing of the physical body. Along with what your doctor has advised, the games can really help. Comedy is supposed to help too.

  6. ON blazing cherries, WHAT IS THE DOUBLE BONUS?
    Play it every day since it started but have not hit double bonus and the other free game would you help us out and tell us Thanks

    • I’ve hit the double payouts a couple times. It took me a little while to get them too. You get to pick 1 of 3 double payout signs and they have a number of free spins behind them. During the free spins, if you hit any payouts, you are awarded double the tokens you would get in a regular spin. Hope you win big.

  7. Games help me through each and everyday. Most days I might have worries, I try to suck it up, but I also play games to help me. I’ve played on GSN since 2006 and until now I didn’t realize how effective games could be on helping reduce stress and getting away from thr real world.

    I love to play especially Video Poker and Video Bingo games. Even Slots games, casino games are suspenseful and can help stress.

    I love free time so I can play games. Thanks very much for the uplifting Oodletorisl Scoop.

  8. I am also glad I took the time out to read this!! A good reminder of the wonderful people that share GSN and that I’m not the only one that goes nuts from time to time. This is good therapy in my book!

  9. my dad passed away 1 year ago. Playing on GSN Slots really help me healing my brain. Thanks GSN for the free slots game.

  10. Hi, I just wanted to let everyone know how great it is to have GSN I play everyday just to enjoy the games I am 73 and am handicap and my husband play also because he has heart trouble and have a lot of surgery in the last year and he is 74 we have been married for 53 years and this is the only enjoyment I have to do because of my health I get upset when I try to get oodles and work so hard to get them and I am still at the level I was over a month and a half and can not get enough to win the prizes I still wish we could buy something that we could get and not just coupons and then it would mean more to everyone to feel like they could get something for all the the games they play and it make us all proud I can not win leaderboard or when I bid on something I feel like all I do is give my oodles a way for all the work but at least I have something to keep me busy and happy but thanks GSN for all you do. By the way have not anyone seen one since the new Bingo game bonus Everyone have a nice Father day we miss our daughter and grandchildren for over 6 years because we can take a trip with out money and if we had a camper we could go but we can not afford that either. so all enjoy your family. God Bless you all.

    • I wish your grand kids would come visit you. I am disabled too, and games are my enjoyment too. I am blessed that my daughter and her daughter moved back home to help me. So I get to watch my grand daughter grow. Good luck to you and your husband.

      All my love

  11. I totally agree my husband doesn’t understand how many of the games relax me- and oh when I have too many things to do I play plants versus zombies -sorta helps me figure out my to do list in order and I have a buddy through gsn she actually lives near where I grew up states away years ago I made a good friend and we laugh at stuff only people from that area would laugh at. And the only time my pup isn’t bouncing off the walls is when I vacumm or sit at the computer on gsn where he sits in the extra chair I put next to mine but when im done playing he s ready to πŸ™‚

  12. Love playing games the challenge of being on the leaderboard. Great break during the day. One quick suggestion. Why not give a special oddlectible when the game of Video Bingo is finished for the ones who finish for 0 oddles?

  13. I like to play anytime, but winning something is the biggest boost! Hope you will have more ways to win that equals the playing field, I don’t have millions of oodles, and don’t see how people have so many, even playing constantly!

  14. I found GSN.com after I had 2 back surgeries. The first surgery came undone, The Dr. had shredded my nerves putting in the hardware, and it also all came loose, leaving the screws, and synthetic discs further damaging my nerve while rubbing against the nerves and spinal chord. When I told him how much pain I was in at first he would suggest things and tell me it was normal and to stay with my Physical Therapy (that was causing further damage.) Finally he made the statement to me “the closer we get to you going back to work the further it gets. I think you are malingering.”

    I cried all the way home from that appointment. I am so not that person. I worked 3 jobs in California just to make ends meet. Purchased my first home there on a drug auction. Refurbished it and then sold it took the profits and moved to GA. Before my injury I had purchased a home here built in 1897 on a bank auction. I had a good but physically demanding job with Frito Lay and on my days off was dry walling, painting, and refurbishing this home.

    So I looked up a new Dr. and when he ran a milo-gram on me, he could see and showed me on a screen the screws moving in and out, one touching my spinal chord, and all the discs sliding back and forth when I moved against the nerves and spinal chord. He put me in an immobilizer and sent me home with my daughter and strict instructions to stay in bed and don’t bend. I went for my second surgery in 10 days. He repaired the problem with the loose hardware, however the prognosis on my nerve damage wasn’t good. I became 100% disabled. I still have one leg that will disappear when I lose all feeling in it and I fall down. Laying in bed all day, and only getting up for light walking, and doing stretches morning and night is like a death sentence to me. I got so depressed.

    Going from being so active and making good money on my job, to low activity and disability income, was so horrible I got very very depressed. I couldn’t talk about it without crying.

    When I finally found GSN, It so helps me occupy my time. I wish they had more free cash games as my budget doesn’t allow me extra money to throw away on games. So with gaming and medication I am fighting my depression. Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Cathy Roberts

    • Doctors, right?!? Nightmare. I know that you’ve heard all the it gets better, everyday is a new day stuff, and its right. But that’s not the point, I am so glad for you that you’ve found something. SOMETHING is the important thing! You have a outlet for the stress, loneliness, and agrovation. Weither it seems like it now, that outlet is gonna help all the bits and pieces that are out of sorts. The mind is a great adapter, we just have a hard time catching up! Your GSN’ing will lead you to other SOMETHINGS and bit by bit your new life will bring you the same joy, different but the same joy you had before. There is a quote that I like, I don’t remember what from or who by but it goes:
      ” Things will be alright in the end and if things are not alright, then this is not the end”
      Cathy, maybe this was not my place to comment or maybe you’re like who is this internet crazy?!?! Sorry if anything I said rubbed you the wrong way. Also, sorry if this came off a bit preachy, depression is an important factor of my life so I’m passionate about it. I read your comment and I just wanted to say well done and hope you keep at your SOMETHING! Keep your head up!(especially when you don’t want to) πŸ˜‰

      • Thank you. I appreciate you reaching out to me Really! If I can help you in any way let me know. Depression is a bitch. I take Celexa for it but not sure if I can continue. I take about 6 meds a day. some 2 times a day. and I just found out I am in the Medicare doughnut hole. so no all my meds are 90 to 141 each. So anything I can cut out I will have to. Since the celexa and gaming have helped me. I am hoping I can walk down the celexa and see if I can get by without it. There are others but to personal to talk about here I have to have my Fentanyl patches to control the pain, and my combivent for sure so I can breath. Thanks again I didn’t really mean to dump all this. Sorry

        • Cathy, I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I too have been in your same situation. You can read my story the 2nd 1 on this. I too am taking celexa as well as many other med’s from A doctor not listening to me about my pain. I wanted to say. I’ll be praying for you to get thru this rough time in your life. Believe me I do know how you feel. I see a therapist. She really helps me out a lot. Take Care and know that my thought’s and prayers are with you. πŸ™‚

          Carrie Culp AKA CCLynn
          South Bend,IN

          • Thank you! I am better since they put me on Fentanyl patches for my pain. I am too stoned to care, No really I can at least go on short car trip if my daughter drives me. and watch my grand daughter from the porch practice her soft ball.

            But really thank you for your kind words.

  15. I’ve had a ruff year I’m disabled also my daughter had a baby in November and got depression real bad so her her husband and three kid came to stay with me for a month which turned into eight months I did everything I could to help them and finally after running my bills up to over one thousand dollars they left. That might not seem like much to some but for me it’s been a very big burden I only get one thousand a month and my mortgage takes half of that I have no oil for the winter, a cut off notice for my 250 water bill, 398 dollar cut off notice for my electric no money to go see my dad who is 85 and I haven’t got to see him in six months. Now my other daughter who has five kids have been homeless for six months finally last week she got a job and apt last week. My other daughter works her butt off and all the overtime she can to take care of her daughter just found out her car is about to fall apart from rust the frame is almost gone. She has no money to try to get another tonne and prays everyday for a safe ride and a car that is safe. With all this stress I ended up in the hospital for my heart thank goodness it ended up being stress. I have two younger kids at home wanting to go to camp the camp pledged half so all I needed was the other 150 which there is no way to come up with pray. My house needs work done on it badly. You can see the drywall from outside to my bathroom, my down spouts are broke so water is pouring under my house causing mold my attic has mold because it needs a circulation fan my window in my daughters room is getting ready to fall out my furnace is shot my electric needs fixed but we have a roof over our head and food so people say don’t complain. The only pleasure I have is gsn I sit and play it every time I just want to give up or I’m worried. It helps me to relax. Thank you gsn it could always be worse.

    • Hi There Elyana Whitacre. This is what I did for myself maybe you can do it as well. It helped me out a lot. I’m not sure if GSN Will let me post this website. It’s called gofundme.com. I hope this get’s to you. If not I can reply with my e-mail. πŸ˜‰

      Carrie Culp AKA cclynn

  16. Scoop, this is an amazing piece of work my friend! Like I told the members of our forum yesterday when I recommended that the they all take a few minutes and come read it…it wouldn’t be Scoop without some degree of humor in it… but you totally outdid yourself this time Scoop, because this is some mighty fine reading here!

    And to all who have shared their stories here with Scoop and the rest of us, you’re likewise amazing! Some of you almost had me in tears with your stories, but some of your triumphs also made me smile in joy for you. Like you, I have a story, but it pales in comparison to some of your stories, so I will just say that finding the GSN game site has helped me tremendously with my story. Playing the games on the game site, and being able to work with other players in our non-affiliated GSN forum, has been a God-send for me. When I’m sitting and playing the games it helps to take my mind off my troubles. And when you are going through something, be it a health issue, or the loss of a loved one, or other things that are causing stress or fear or whatever in our lives, anything that will help take you away from it (even if it’s just for a few precious minutes) is something you want to hang onto. For me, I’m like Scoop, playing a few spins on the slots seems to help rejuvenate brain when I’m stressing over something. Not Video Bingo though! I do like playing it, but after that longggggg Road Trip to Philadelphia I’m all tuckered out on VB for right now! πŸ™‚ lol
    Good luck and God bless to all of you here! May the days ahead be brighter and happier for you. Sara.

  17. Drats, when i first started reading this, i thought we were going to get the “scoop” from Scoop on Angel’s deepest darkest secrets. It would have been fun to have something to tease Angel about, but thanks to another post from Scoop somewhere on player news, at least we now know she eats cat food and makes dominoes by poking holes in lunch meat….at least that’s a start. Have anymore of Angel’s secrets, Scoop? LOL

  18. Scoop, I really relate to the whole healing thing you are talking about… they should either call you “Dr. Scoop” or “the therapist”!!! I take care of my incapacitated wife and the games on your site not only help relieve my enormous stress ( while I am playing the games, I don’t worry about the hospital and doctor and prescription bills) but also, when I occasionally win, it makes me feel like I accomplished something. Maybe not so important to anyone who does not understand what I am going through, but important to me. Thanks for listening and sitting in for the Angel, and also, (most importantly) thanks for not charging me for the therapy session!

  19. Scoop, since you did an oodletorial- can you explain what “rewards points” are, and what you are supposed to do with them? Thanks again!

  20. Wow everyone! Thank you so much for sharing your stories. It’s great to hear how games have helped, and it says a lot about GSN players that you’re so willing to share what you’re going through. I’m so happy the Oodletorial hit such a common thread! πŸ™‚

  21. I like playing on here because it keeps me from thinking im about to pass away been dealing with a terminal illness for awhile and could go to my heavenly father anytime, im only 34 yrs old, gsn is great and i play that chachingo bingo almost every hour, its something i look forward to, have never won anything on here yet but thats ok just the thrill is exciting enough i love playing on gsn been here for a couple years and will stay till the end, thank you gsn for having such great milnd altering games for people like myself

    • I agree. I’m terminal too 51 and don’t care if I win or not just happy to have them here to help me make it through however long the Lord has in store for me. In a way I feel like he brought GSN into my life for me to have something to think about except dying. I feel like I’m in a prison sometimes and it’s not fun. God Bless You and My Prayers are with you. Your way too young to be leaving us this soon. I’m sorry I’m going to cry thanks. You take care if you ever need something try to find me if you can will help if I can. Thanks. GSN fan. M.

  22. Thank you GSN Scoop, what a great Oodletorial! Thank you for filling in too. I appreciated it very much. Hmm…I heard a rumor about cat food though… >:)

  23. GSNScoop, Thank You for filling in for Angel. Enjoyed your brief time with us (now I can’t picture a garage sale without a “shadowy figure” lurky aroung trying to get there hands on game controllers) …. snicker, snicker…
    Looking forward to your July Oodle-Tutorial > Video Bingo……
    Angel, Thanks for turning us over to such capable hands while you enjoyed some down time………….. you know the “Scoopster” is a prankster !
    I don’t believe everything I read but, he might be on to something with your favorite game on GSN is the β€œReply Button” .

    • That actually made me laugh when I read his comment about my favorite game. πŸ™‚ I’m glad everyone enjoyed him, you get him in July again too!

  24. I recently lost my mom, my BEST friend, and then my boyfriend, a disabled vet, has had 2 heart attacks in a two week period, they are about to foreclose on our home, and I have been unable to find a job despite having 2 degrees and a solid work history. I returned home to care for my mom and this has been what has happened since. I play the games to keep my mind from freaking out (while applying for jobs, caring for my boyfriend and our cats), and trying to save our home. It is all I have to keep me sane (plus giving me a chance to win money) as my car now has gone on the fritz. What else I am afraid to posit? Anyway, thank you for the distraction!

  25. I am a hospitalized military veteran at this time. I’m a woman veteran who has had her share and then some of her own issues. I’m also permanently and totally disabled which makes it more difficult for me because I cannot work. I may not be able to work but I am a very creative person. I make things. I make earrings and bracelets, dream catchers of varying sizes and I love doing so. Not until I found about GSN.com did I become engrossed in my own therapy. I love this website because it offers so many choices for so many different kinds of games. I play on this website sometimes an entire day. It is so soothing to me. The games allow me time to think through those matters that pose a problem for me. Other than that, I’m left with a feeling of accomplished after winning some of the games I often play. Thank you, GSN, you’re #1 to me.

  26. I was in a car accident in 2011, I sustained back, shoulder, leg and other injuries including financial. I had intense pain then as a result and continue to have chronic pain issues to this day. along with therapy, medication, and acceptance of my situation, there is GSN games to help with stress levels and sometimes pain distraction, not to mention fun. when your recovery takes hours at a time, days at a time, years at a time and you are learning your limitations while trying to get back to the real you—–well to make a long story short—GSN games was a major part of my down time and moments of release– it still is.

  27. After reading all these stories of everyone that is suffering daily, I just wanted to reply that “When you reach the end of your rope, that’s when you will find the hem of God’s garment!” Remember that we are only here on earth for a short time. Our job is to live as good a life as possible so that God is proud of creating us, so that we can spend eternity in Heaven with Him. And truly, after being a policeman for 30 years and seeing all the awful things that people do to each other (THAT is the devil doing this-not God), always remember that there’s always somebody who is going through even worse things that you are. Just have faith and PRAY. Thank God for all the trials and tribulations He has given you…offer up your suffering for the poor souls in purgatory…and ENJOY EVERY DAY ON THIS EARTH! Thanks GSN….yes, playing on your site is da bomb!

  28. I’m terminally ill and didn’t even know about GSN until something else I had signed up for made it pop up on my computer. Signed up and have played everyday since. As a matter of fact I looked and haven’t been away long enough to miss even one day for over 180 days. I would love to get out of this house and go to dinner or something but no transpo. So I can’t get to the doctors and get the medical help I need if I go to er I have to walk 20 miles back home so just don’t go unless it’s just absolutely necessary, because your not going to get any better from whatever is going on and then you have to. No choice. Then all you do is think about that long walk home. Was hoping so much to win a tablet if it played games or you could get on GSN with it because when I am in the hospital it depresses me that I don’t even have my games. But oh well, you can’t win everything. Maybe I’ll be able to afford a vehicle an a tablet one of these days. I pray every day for peace help guidance and whatever else. Here lately we had a freeze and I’ve had no water for a week. And I have no family or friends here to help me. I’m getting so depressed I can’t even hardly play my games because there not even helping right now. Sorry just having a pity party. I do that every once in a while not that it accomplishes anything. Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel sorry for myself and don’t want others to feel sorry for me just needed to express some thought about wondering why life gets so tough sometimes. But, believe me I know there are others out there a lot worse off than me. And I’ve got good on my side. Hope to live for a few more years but that’s in God’s hands and since I can’t get the medical help from the specialist doctors I need it will still be sooner than it should. Still playing everyday unless it’s where I can’t. I love GSN it got me out of bed and at least sitting up for a while at times. Sometimes I think it has been what has saved me sometimes. I was all alone on the holidays and the bad part is my games weren’t working correctly and I could just play what the site or computer whichever it was would let me. I was ready to end it then. But I kept thinking just play what you can keep occupied and don’t think about missing out on the others. Thanks for listening and it was nice to meet you scoop hope angel doesn’t get mad at you. And thanks for being here for people like me and the others who have posted comments. Yours GSN fan. M.

    • I could never get mad at GSN Scoop, he’s the best! I’m sorry to hear about your health and difficulties Marinell. Is it possible to reach out to any local churches or community centers for ride assistance for Dr appoitnments? I know some towns have social services that can help with that too, but not all do. I’m glad playing on GSN can help you in some small way, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

      • I live in the country. Approximately 25 miles from Drs. office. No church family and so far haven’t got much response from other churches. The one that did offer help couldn’t even bring me a 1/2 gallon of milk two miles from where the church and the store are which is how far I live from the local store. I’ve called them a couple of times since then and they don’t return my calls or answer. Don’t think country churches do much for neighborhoods just their members. Called the disability van they gave an excuse as to why they couldn’t help. Called Senior Citizens and did not meet their criteria. Don’t know who else to call. I’ll change that I called a taxi and they wanted a 100.00 charge to get there and another 100.00 to bring me back. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. It was nice talking you angel. And thanks for trying to help. Big GSN fan. M.

    • Marinell, I’m so sorry to hear what you are going through. I know how you feel. I’m in the same boat. GSN has helped me keep my mind busy on other things. Sending you Lot’s of Prayers your way.

      Take Care,
      Carrie AKA CCLYNN

  29. I think it’s great that you’ve gotten to know some of us with different types of issues and let us express ourselves. That was great of you. Haven’t read them all yet. but will. I have no human contact unless it is at the doctors or er so it’s nice to speak even if it’s with words. Thanks everyone and Take Care the best you can. And thanks GSN for having these games for us to help us through.

  30. I just wanted to let you know it was really nice talking to you and Scoop. I’m starting to get to know a little bit more of what you all do and who’s who and what is going on. Thanks for being our angel. Take care of yourself and have a great day. Scoop too. No need to reply back. Just wanted to say thanks. M.

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