National Candy Month Oodlectibles Crediting Issue

The crediting for the  National Candy Month Oodlectibles game may happen tomorrow instead of today. We’re experiencing issues with the crediting process. Please be assured everyone will get their credits if they didn’t buy a chocolate Oodlectible that turned into a cavity!


To recap:  If you collected a chocolate Oodlectible, all Oodles and Token winnings are voided. For those who collected the other candies, continue reading:

* If you collected 1 piece of candy you won 3,000 Oodles and 10,000 Tokens.

* If you collected 2 candies you won 7,500 Oodles and 25,000 Tokens.

*If you collected 3 pieces of candy you won 15,000 Oodles and 60,000 Tokens

Congratulations! per the rules, winners will be credited on or before 6/26. 

40 thoughts on “National Candy Month Oodlectibles Crediting Issue

  1. thank you for telling us you are having problems cuz I got the gummy bears and can t wait for the oodles I will be patient and Angel I m so glad you are back hope you had FUN on you re time off LORI

  2. awwh Dang it!
    I got a chocolate one & don’t have a Dentist apt for awhile.
    But that was fun it sparkled popped then turned to a tooth….
    I didn’t win but the graphics were fun………………….
    congrast to all who did …..

  3. Thanks for letting us knowing about the crediting issues. We don’t have to contact player services. I’ll be patient to receive my loots of 7,500 oodles and 25,000 tokens. Remember, I collected the gummy bears and purple sweet.

  4. Hey I got the gummy bears purple sweeties and round one I avoided the chocolate one.! Do I really get 15,000 oodels & 60,000 tokens?I guess I will believe it when I see them

    • Hi kimberlyrae, these are done manually so they;re not typically credited first thing on the morning. Look for sometime this afternoon is my best guess.

  5. When will the next opportunity to buy an oodlectible come about? Also how do you pick the MVO of the month? Can it be by nomination?

    • Hi Garrett, keep an eye on the Oodlectibles category in the prize center. There’s usually some to buy, but every month we usually have limited time ones too (such as the 4th of July coming up). If you have any ideas for an MVO, I’d love to hear from you. My contact email is on the front page of Player News. 🙂

  6. Thanks so much for posting about crediting issues! I actally got lucky for a change, yet no credit…will wait for updates, if not credited in a week I’ll text back~Peace ✌

  7. Angel, approximately what time will we get our credits in the afternoon? I know I’m a type of person that waits patiently after the oodlectible game. I didn’t collect the chocolate oodlectible and I should be awarded very soon.

  8. I knew you were trying to trick me with the chocolate (my favorite!) so I got the other 3 and am looking forward to getting the max bonus. Hope you get the crediting process fixed soon.

      • Wow – wasn’t expecting a personal reply. I’m impressed & the credited Oodles are there as promised. Looking forward to the 4th of July Oodlectible & wish there had been one for Nat’l Sunglasses Day today.

        • I wish we could have more too, but the design team has a limited amount of time they can dedicate to them, so we pick and choose what will be featured each month 🙂

  9. All 15,000 oodles and all of my tokens were credited this afternoon. Thanks to Gsn for all of the fun with this game!

  10. So nice to get my token and oodles for candy month. I have been so busy and totally forgot. I was surprised when playing chichango and check my totals and noticed my credits posted. What a great surprise. Thank you!!! From murr


    • Hi Mike, I’m not sure why TOC is not working, have you reached out to player services? Also, unsure what treasure hunt you mean?

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