6 thoughts on “Father’s Day Oodlectibles

  1. I was told these oodlectibles would always be featured in the main page of the Prize Center but these are not shown today. . . .

    • Hi Wakedaddy820 – If you’re ever looking for an Oodlectible or any prize really, be sure you browse through the categories. For instance, the Oodlectibles you’re looking for are there under What’s New.

  2. I hope you have an oodlectible for the many Canadian users on here for Canada day. BTW, that is on July 1… 🙂

  3. Hi there Scoop, GSN Angel and Father’s Out There in Game Land:

    I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day. HOW SWEET of GSN to remember our precious fathers. I could not decide which one I LIKED BETTER. I bought both OODLECTIBLES.

    I am cooking for my father who is 85. He is quite active for his age. HE GOES TO THE gym to swim every a.m. Go Dad !

  4. Thank You for such a touching Fathers Day Oodlectible.
    Happy Fathers Day
    If you got the chance to watch the Barbara Walters Special (her retiring) and some of her interviews, She said the interviews that drew the most emotion and teary eye’s was not when people talked about their Mothers but, surprisingly when they spoke of their Fathers.
    : > )
    Happy Fathers Day………………. enjoy

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