13 thoughts on “Earn 100 Oodles Daily through Thursday

  1. Welcome back angel we miss you but glad to have you back I was wondering if we are going to get any of the bonue code that is on gsn where we look to see what can we play to get something. but since you went on leave I havenot seen anymore. would you send me a e-mail to let me know thanks alot I had a birthday while you were gone I turned 73 on june 22 and wiith my handicap body and all the pain I have it just hurts more tanke care and thanks for our help.

    • Thanks Loveless6! I was actually only gone for a long weekend (although I will be gone all next week too). I haven’t seen a new promo code come around lately. Maybe they’ll surprise us with one soon! Happy belated Birthday, I hope your pain eases soon. Does it get better in certain kinds of weather?

  2. I just played 75 spins on Cleopatra, and according to the counter I didn’t play any. Is there a problem with the counter? Do I need to play 75 more spins?

    • Hi Claudia, if the counter is still not working properly, please contact Player Services and let them know what is happening. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page. Be sure you’re logged on to your user name so you can see the contact link.

  3. Seems like there’s a bug on the token count with this game, goes up/down by 300 no matter what you spin. 4000 token win, goes up by 300, no win or 20 token win, goes up by 300. Good side is I didn’t loose any tokens for the 75 games, bad side is I might have been ahead. And it would be nice to have an autoplay feature like the other slot games.

      • Hi Angel. Haven’t replayed it. Gave up on it… Don’t like the game in any case. Actually, the promo counter didn’t register either for me like a previous poster mentioned, so the Oodles didn’t materialized, but didn’t gain/loose any tokens. All is good. Might reconsider playing it when there’s an autoplay added to it that works, unlike WoF slots that keep resetting every minigames you get. Cheers

  4. I like the game Cleapatre, but I notice I can win 2,300 tokens and the next spin may take away the 2,300 + more not the bet 0f 300. does any one else have this problem.

  5. I agree, this game is buggy. This was the second day in a row now that the game cheated me out of the bonus winnings (just now 1800+ tokens, yesterday 4000+ and another that I don’t recall, but started paying more attention to it after it just didn’t seem right as I have long suspected something). In all these incidents the win/credit sound seems to get into an unending loop and will only stop after another spin is initiated (once it allows for that to happen) but whether the token count was updated (or not) it then reverts to the amount prior to the current spin (which would explain why so many people say it’s only giving 300 coins, since many people are betting the lowest possible without changing the number of lines, which adds up to the 300 that was deducted when the spin was initiated and thus displayed during the spin)

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