Daily Break Confusion

DailybreakHi, today’s Daily Break worth 300 Oodles was accidentally put up by the Daily Break for a few hours yesterday.

If you completed it yesterday, you’re not able to play today, but you have been credited 375 Oodles – 300 for the challenge, and 75 for the missed day. You can find this under your Oodles Transactions. 

16 thoughts on “Daily Break Confusion

    • Hi, you played the 300 one today (after Midnight ET), so you will be credited tomorrow. This is a note for those who played it yesterday while it was accidentally up.

  1. Thanks for the info. Since I can’t play with cash here in Arkansas, maybe you and the team can help me WIN some of the OTHER NICE PRIZES…LIKE the gift/shopping cards…!!!…hint hint……

    • Sorry burtonscs, winners are picked randomly by computer (unless it’s an auction of course). No human involvement. But good luck! 🙂

  2. This is not concerning Daily Break, but I hope Angel you will pass it along to the GSN staff. The ad for tokens/oodles from Pacifico sponsored by SocialTheater is too large for the screen and you are able to close the ad to collect tokens/oodles. Just thought you should know. Hopefully the staff can get it taken care of.


    • Hi Veronica, a number of people have reported this ad to Player Services and they’ve already put in a removal request.

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