Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – elaine.garofalo

Could you use $250? Enter now for a chance to win some cash! See what elaine.garofalo had to say about her recent win:

I am so excited to have won the $250 daily sweepstakes. I have never won anything of significance before so this is very exciting for me. I enjoy playing to win Oodles and have entered a few times. Thanks!!

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4 thoughts on “Daily $250 Sweepstakes Winner – elaine.garofalo

  1. Congratulations on your win!! 🙂

    Do you mind me asking you how long you had been playing before winning, and approximately how many oodles you redeemed each time? Just trying to determine if I’m using the right amount or if I should increase etc…. Thank you for your help & congrats again!

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