GSN Cash Games – Play In Our Solitaire Rush Coffee Tournament

Are you a fan of GSN Cash Games? How about coffee? Here is a perfect combination of the two!

Tylers Coffee is sponsoring a special 99¢ tournament. Tyler’s is the world’s first & only USDA organic acid free coffee. Does it get any richer or smoother than this?


Play in the Solitaire Rush Java Jolt Tournament and Sweepstakes for a guaranteed prize! The top 3 contestants in each division will score a bag of coffee every month for a year.  Continue reading

National Candy Month Oodlectibles Crediting Issue

The crediting for the  National Candy Month Oodlectibles game may happen tomorrow instead of today. We’re experiencing issues with the crediting process. Please be assured everyone will get their credits if they didn’t buy a chocolate Oodlectible that turned into a cavity!


To recap:  If you collected a chocolate Oodlectible, all Oodles and Token winnings are voided. For those who collected the other candies, continue reading: Continue reading