May’s Most Valuable Oodler

Congratulations to  schaeferdisney on being May’s MVO!  schaeferdisney is pictured with her daughter n7nickys7n in a fun Oodle style selfie. They are a two Oodler family, and both enjoy GSN very much. Please continue reading to learn more about Collette, as well as get some Oodling advice:


“I never thought my life could be
anything but catastrophe
but suddenly I begin to see
a bit of good luck for me
cause I’ve got a golden OODLE…. ”

Willy Wonka songs aside, I am grateful to accept such a huge and unexpected surprise from GSN! 

I stumbled upon GSN on accident in 2011. I guess it was fate. I noticed a new show on my tv guide titled “Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza”, and as a fan of his previous improv show “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, I had to check it out. While watching the show I noticed an ad for a contest to go to a live taping, so I just had to enter. As I entered every day the contest kept informing me that I had been awarded 100 Oodles every time I entered a correct answer about the show. Out of curiosity I had to find out what Oodles were and what they were used for. I ventured into the GSN website and became obsessed with playing games, answering trivia, and of course, collecting Oodles!

Since the beginning I have loved silently reading the GSN message boards and GSN Games Facebook Page. These and the more recent addition of the Player News blog are all valuable tools for the avid Oodler. Another piece of advice I could offer is to watch the active promotions under the My GSN tab. I save all of my Wonder Wheel Spins (up to 60 at a time) in hopes of a double Oodle day.

A lot has changed since I first started playing, but one thing that has remained is the Oodles! Who knows what the future holds for GSN. I think I saw a suggestion for Oodle jewelry such as earrings and necklaces. I will continue to log on every day, and I can’t wait to see what GSN has in store for us next!

Thank you GSN Angel & The Oodles Team for this amazing award!

31 thoughts on “May’s Most Valuable Oodler

  1. I enjoy playing games on gsn . I first learn of gsn on directtv ,cool games and bingo ,slots and the hourly draw bingo. have fun and enjoy!!!!!

  2. Congratulations schaeferdisney on being named May’s MVO. Your selfie is one of the most interesting and best I’ve seen in a long time!
    In the reflection on the Oodle is your Oodle winning smile!
    What a great picture, and of course what a fabulous honor from one MVO honoree (March) to another.
    Oodle jewelry? I missed that one. Interesting though.
    I think I see a pair of earrings in the future. Wow, even a Kool belt buckle !
    Anyways enjoy that Golden Oodle and again Congratulations!
    Game On

    • The Oodle jewelry suggestion, was actually a comment that someone posted on the GSN Games facebook page. I sure would love it if they did it, though!

  3. The games are great when you want to unwind and forget everything else, and relax. Congrats from one MVO to another.

  4. Congratulations On The MVO For May ~ I Was MVO In November And That Bling Is So Cool And Shiny ~ Have A Great Time Playing And Winning ~ You Daughter Is A Cutie !!! My Daughter….Tuesday Is 22….And We Are Like You And Your Daughter ….Two Peas In A Pod…….Oodle On Lover …..Have A Wonderful Month And Good Luck Gaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WTG! Welcome to the tribe! Have fun this month! Make sure you rub the golden oodle like a genie lamp, as good things will come! And just wait for the oodlemobile, lol.

  6. Congratulations Collette on your election as May’s MVO. As your daughter is also a big GSN and oodle fan, I think you two would make wonderful co-MVO’s. And the golden oodle will provide a “shiny” addition to your Mother’s Day. Show it off often as it makes for a great conversation piece.
    Again, congratulations from the “April Fool” MVO.

  7. angel,
    i play some of the games for oodles. i only seem to get oodles for a few of them. is there somewhere that shows the number of places that get oodles for all the games. i’m figuring it must be different numbers. i just would like to know the payouts.

    thank you!

    • Hi Jacki, none of the games themselves pay out Oodles like the Token games. If you mean the leaderboards, you can see the daily payout here. Also below every leaderboard game, before you click on it to play for Oodles or Cash (example here), there’s a leaderboard tab with daily, weekly, and monthly you can click on. Just getting on the leaderboard doesn’t guarantee your place on it. Someone can come along during the day and knock you down the list, and eventually off it completely before the day ends on Midnight ET. So if you do get on the daily one, keep that in mind.

  8. Hi schaeferdisney! Congrats on your MVO status!. I have to ask; where do you find a double oodles promotion for wonder wheel? Is it advertised in a special place? I have been on GSN almost a year and haven’t seen double oodles for the wonder wheel. Inquiring minds want to know! lol

    • They have not had one in awhile, possibly over a year. It is just in the regular promotions part of “my gsn” and is for double oodles across the entire site.

  9. how do you become a MVO and how do you pick the MVO and how long do you have to play gsn games to become a MVO

    • Hi zechzech, we look for positive, interactive players and sometimes they are people who’ve been around a long time, and other times they can be newer members. The only qualification is they should love playing games on GSN.

      If you’d like to be considered for MVO, please make your presence known to us! Participate on Facebook or Player News. Help others, answer questions, give game tips, etc. Whatever your strong suit is. You can also drop me an email and tell me about yourself and why you should be in the running. My email is on the right hand side of the main Player News page. 🙂

      • that would be cool I will do that thank for that I am very thankful foe what you said- oh yeah I tried to leave a email but it would not let me

  10. and one more thing do you have to have a facebook page to become a MVO because I don’t have a facebook page

    • Hi, not you don’t need to have a Facebook page. A few of our winners have not had one that I know of.

  11. Congratulations, Collette! Enjoy your month of May as the MVO. Love to hear how thrilled you were to receive the golden oodle! Sounds like the golden oodle was well-deserved!

  12. I just wanted to leave one last congratulations for my mom, and say thank you to gsn for making her may’s MVO. It was very appropriate for the month of mother’s day. It was a great oodling month for both of us. Good luck and congratulations to the next MVO!

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